Women And The Gym

Most women would like to have pretty much the same type of their body, and that is a body with little expressed muscles, but not too thin.

They want to have a strong muscle definition, especially on the arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs.

To achieve this goal, the average woman needs to lose excess fat and increase muscle mass percentage.

Achieving a great shape in a woman is nothing but a combination of expressed muscles and very low levels of body fat.

If she only loses excess fat she would be slim because the woman alone in her constitution has totally minimally expressed muscles.

To avoid this, a woman has to do workouts with serious weight.

Often we see women raise some miniature dumbbells of 1 or 2 kg, but the truth is that this minimum weight is not going to help in the building of muscle.

When women and weightlifting are mentioned in a combination, we will often encounter resentment and hostility because most people will say that weightlifting makes women look “buffed up”.

Let’s take a look around and ask ourselves when have we seen a ‘pumped’ woman?

Of course, the answer is NEVER!

None of us had never seen a woman with oversize muscles. The reason for this is that women by their genetic abilities can increase muscle mass very hard, i.e. it’s very hard to increase the volume of their muscles, no matter how often and how hard they exercise with weights, which does not mean that they can’t strengthen their muscles training team.

A hormone which directly regulates the muscle growth is testosterone, and the average level of testosterone in women is hardly 5-10% of the total quantity of the same hormone in man.

One study showed that a post-training testosterone levels in men are 45 times higher than in women, and it is not strange because a resistance training in women triggers estradiol (type of estrogen) and cortisol.

If you are a female and you train with a load, you never will happen to feel “buffed up” and muscular.

This happens only to professional female athletes who live by that, and who in addition to weight training take every additional help starting from supplementary nutrition, steroids and other substances.

If you are still undecided whether to start training using weights, we’ll bring you a few scientific and medical facts that support this type of training for women:

– The chances of getting diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer are reduced in a large quantity

– It strengthens your bones, and therefore the posture of your body

– It speeds up the metabolism, burns energy faster and it helps you stay fit

– The quality of your life increases

– The immune system of your body becomes very much stronger and so on.

When talking about your appearance, weight training will strengthen your muscles and therefore will make your overall image better. Clean, tighten and define muscles will make the woman’s body look strong and nurtured.

If these reasons are not sufficient to decide on training, we’ll tell you this:  stronger and firmer muscles help to “to age more slowly.”

This means that the traces aging will be greatly reduced if you regularly exercise. Ladies, it’s time to leave the pink and purple “weights” of 1kg and to start working out with serious weight.