You Want Broad Shoulders? Here Is The Program!

When it comes to exercising the upper body most active practitioners focus on training the muscles of the chest and arms and completely neglect the proper development of the shoulders.


To properly develop the upper body, despite large chest muscles and massive arms, it is necessary to have well-developed and broad shoulders.

Large and well developed shoulders will allow proper posture of the upper body and thus complete the correct look of the fully developed body.

To make a proper training program first you need to know which muscles comprise the shoulder in order to avoid pain in this muscle group with frequent intense workouts and to avoid irregular development of this muscle group.

The posterior head

The rear side is usually the most neglected part of the shoulder muscle when exercising this muscle group.

A properly developed rear shoulder will allow massive and broad shoulders and will provide an opportunity to lift more weight for much of the pull movements where the rear side is activated as a secondary muscle group.

Each training program for shoulders should include a straightforward exercise for the back side of the following exercises: standing dumbbell bent lateral raise, rear deltoid laterals using the pec deck machine, incline reverse flys and seated dumbbell bent lateral raise exercise.

sholder exercise

The anterior head

The front shoulder activated as a secondary muscle group in all push movements is the most often practiced part of the shoulder of all active practitioners.

The excessive exercising of this part of the shoulder with lifting heavy weights when performing thrust on a flat bench are the main reasons for improper developed shoulders and unpleasant pain in the shoulder during and after every workout for the upper body.

It is therefore recommended to do frequent workouts for the chest during the shoulder workout which will contain only 1 direct exercise for the anterior shoulder.


The lateral head

The median shoulder is responsible for lateral displacement and hand movements in everyday physical activities and proper exercising of this part of the shoulder is the key to getting massive and broad shoulders.

This part of the shoulder is very little involved as a secondary muscle group when performing some complex exercises.

Overhead press and arnold press exercise are complex exercises for the shoulder muscles where the median shoulder muscles are activated greatly.

Every workout for the shoulders also should include 1-2 isolating exercises for the median shoulder.


Selection and schedule of exercises for broad and massive shoulders


Shoulder Exercise 1 (hang clean and press) – do 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions in the series. It is recommended to use smaller weights to avoid unwanted injuries.

Shoulder Exercise 2 (side lateral raises) – do 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions in series.

Shoulder Exercise 3 (wide grip upright rows) – do 3 sets of this exercise with 8-10 repetitions in the series.

Shoulder Exercise 4 (rear delt raises) – do 3 sets of this exercise with 10 reps in the series.


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