Unwritten Rules of Conduct in the Gym

Before starting a workout in the gym read the following rules of conduct that applied by the majority of bodybuilders will provide a cozy atmosphere and excellent conditions for exercise in your gym.

Unwritten Rules

1. First and foremost, always take care of your personal hygiene (regular take a shower and use deodorant) and practice in clean equipment.

2. Always carry a towel with you while exercising, and after you finish exercising clean the equipment.

3. Always return the weights in place after you finish exercising a particular exercise (it is a common appearance among many of the active muscleman to put heavy weights on leg press, front squat, bench and repeat 2-3, and then switch to another exercise without returning weights back into place).

4. Do not disturb some bodybuilders who exercise in front of a mirror with unnecessary posting, until it`s complete by performing the specific exercise.

5. Do not exercise near to the place handed with weights, the area where are placed hand-weights, should always be free to take and leave them.

workout for back

6. Use belt for those complicated movements that require additional support to the lower back for a proper performance of a given exercise.

7. Do not be too loud, behave decently and do not stare at girls while they practice, and try not to assisting a girl to correct her training, unless you have been asked to do that.

8. Do not avoid legs workout.

9. Never customize the exercise machines for your exercise program or needs (benches, hand-weight or weights), until you are sure that none of the other bodybuilders is using the same equipment.

10. Avoid putting your towels, shakers and mobile phones to the exercise machines and benches if you are not constantly around them. Also, you shouldn`t move above mentioned items without knowledge of the person to whom they belong.

11. Never give advice and opinions to some bodybuilders for their mode of exercise (this includes trainers and gym staff themselves) unless they ask you.

12. Use one exercise appliance, or one of the worst things you can do in the gym is to start workout on one exercise appliance, then immediately switch to the next and the next and so on. People who exercise there for a long period follow specific exercise program, and it is normal to be irritated if all appliances are kept busy constantly. Practise on one gym appliance for a while – and your training will be more effective.

13. Select an appropriate moment to ask questions, that many bodybuilders active in the gym would be glad to show you how to use a appliance or as an exercise is performed correctly. But at least wait for the person to complete the exercise before you attack them with questions.

14. Always pay attention to the other bodybuilders, this is very important because some of the complicated exercises require more space for their proper and safe performance, so when you notice that some of the other bodybuilders perform such complex exercises, give them more space in order to properly make these exercises and not hold the space around the mirrors in the gym if you just look up without performing an exercise.

15. Never improvise if you’re not sure how to use appliances to exercise, but wait and ask the employees of the gym which is the correct way to use.

16. If you are not using an exercise appliance, don`t take possession of the area around, `cos you`ll leave the impression that the exercise appliance is busy.

17. If you need to use a bench or exercise appliance which is busy, never start exercising on it, without asking if you could exercise alternately, with someone who uses the same equipment.

mobile in the gym

18. Do not write messages or talk loudly on the phone while sitting on a bench or appliance for exercise.

19. Do not toss the weights on the floor. Some bodybuilders after completing an exercise with hand-weights want to throw them on the floor to show off in front of other bodybuilders, that they are using a lot of weight. Not only the sound that is generated impairs concentration, but with such behavior, you may hurt someone.

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