An Unique Exercises For Shoulder Strength

If you want to shock your muscles and stimulate muscle growth, doing endless sets of the bench press won’t help you.

To achieve unconventional results you need some unconventional exercises. Even the perfect training program can’t provide the best results all the time, and I believe that any experienced lifter will confirm this, sometimes you’ll need to change something and challenge your muscles with something new.


Considering all this, we’re going to show you one unique exercise which can help you build incredible shoulders in no time – the one arm barbell press. Keep on reading to see how this exercise can help you stimulate amazing gains.


How and why?

To perform this exercise you need to hold a barbell with one arm and press it up in one movement with your palms facing each other. You can perform it either lying down on bench or standing up as when doing the shoulder press.

As you can probably guess, this exercise is not so popular and you can’t often see it being performed in most gyms. The reason for this is that a lot of lifters underestimate the advantages of the unilateral training, and even if they do know the importance, they still stick to dumbbell exercises.

But even the unpopularity of an exercise doesn’t make that exercise ineffective. It just often means that it’s not as trendy as other exercises or is easier than them, so the people who do perform it are usually more experienced lifters who know what they need to do.

The advantages of unilateral training are virtually unmatched. It helps you perfect your technique and improve your balance, gets you stronger, and also stimulates massive gains.

So before you go back to your regular routine, see all the major advantages of unilateral lifts, especially the one – arm barbell press.


Improved coordination and balance

As we mentioned before, the one – arm barbell press will improve your coordination and balance, which later on leads to integrated strength and improved ability to utilize force.

Because the barbell provides a bigger and better muscle overload than dumbbells, your muscles will be pushed harder and work better.


Stronger core

During this exercise, you need to make sure your whole body is completely straight and stiff while you resist the force.

This kind of effort provides amazing results when it comes to core strength and the overall stability since it’s forcing your core to stabilize the whole body.

A lot of research on core activity shows that unilateral exercises are better than bilateral exercises when it comes to core development.


Stimulate front deltoid growth

If you use a pronated grip when you perform shoulder presses you put more stress on your joints and can cause impingement at the lower part of the lift.

But, if you use a neutral grip when you shoulder press, you can press heavier weights and decrease the risk of pain in the wrists and rotator cuff injuries, and also provide a better stimulation of the front delts.


Injury prevention

One arm presses have amazing advantages when it comes to shoulder strength, particularly in the rotator cuff muscle group. Lifters who don’t see the importance of having a healthy, strong, well – developed shoulders, often risk injuries of the rotator cuff.

One arm presses allow you to work on each side of your body individually, so your weakest spots in your shoulder are more exposed and also help you strengthen each muscle of this muscle group.


Better muscle recruitment

Unilateral exercises allow you to work on both sides of your body and strengthen the muscles which are harder to target with bilateral exercises.

Even though dumbbell exercises have also a lot of advantages, unilateral movements with a barbell are a lot harder, which of course stimulates more growth.

If you think about it – to be able to press a barbell with one arm, you need to activate every stabilizing muscle around your shoulders and the upper back so you can keep the bar in perfect horizontal.

These unilateral lifts help you engage motor units which weren’t activated, which builds overall power and strength.