Treadmill & Orbitrek?

The Treadmill and the Orbitrek are the most numerous and most used cardio machines that can be found in a gym.

Both of them can be used to do an excellent cardiovascular workout and burn many calories.

Frequently asked questions about these machines are: “Which of these two machines is more effective in burning calories?” and “Which of these two machines should be used during a cardio workout?”.

In order to decide, you need a more detailed look at the advantages and disadvantages of both machines.

Advantages of using Orbitrek

*Safe training The Orbitrek allows our body to emulate running without causing much pressure on the joints.

*Cross training ability Most of the Orbitreks found in most gyms are equipped with removable handles that allow muscle activity of the upper body.

*Reverse movement Most Orbitreks also provide a reverse movement (moving backwards) that allows activation of the bigger muscle groups.


Advantages of using a treadmill

*Diversity in the selection of cardio exercises From running up to brisk walking this deal offers a great variety of options in terms of speed, incline and many different embedded training programs.

*It emulates natural movements such as walking, jogging, fast walking and fast running.

*Major results – The gain of body weight and natural movements require more effort, and thus will allow a greater number of calories burned.

*Contrary to general belief, running and walking can help strengthen bones and muscles. This will allow proper posture and greater endurance in older years.

*Tread mills are the most used exercising machines in any gym since 1900. It’s the most perfected cardio machine by the fitness industry.

Drawbacks and disadvantages of using Orbitrek

*Less dynamic – While treadmills provide adjustable speed which allows to significantly increase the intensity of the cardio training, most of today’s Orbitreks do not offer this opportunity and are simply not as effective as treadmills.


*While the Orbitrek allows our body to emulate running without causing much pressure on the joints, it does not help in strengthening bones and muscles as active running does.

Drawbacks and disadvantages of using treadmill

*Running on a treadmill can cause lot of pressure on the spine, knees, hips and joints of the feet. Especially if you don’t warm up before running. Although most treadmills are designed to reduce and mitigate the pressure, it is still big.
*A high intense cardio workout that includes sprinting uphill on a treadmill can be dangerous for all active practitioners who are not at the required condition level.

Treadmill at gym

*Because a lot of treadmills allow you to see the number of your heart rate by placing your hands on the set of handles, often maintaining the desired heart rate is difficult especially when you have to run while your hands are placed on the strip.
*Problems in posture – Several studies have shown that treadmills can cause change in the way people who use them walk or run, and it can cause improper placement and posture.


Comparison of the numbers of calories burned and final conclusion

Several studies by the medical institute in Wisconsin concluded that the average number of calories burned when using the treadmill for a period of one hour is between 700 and 900 calories.

While another study by the American Institute of Sports Medicine came to the conclusion that the use of the training programs (duration of these training programs was exactly 1 hour) most orbitreks can burn up to 730 calories.

Although treadmills provide a greater number of calories burned, provide a greater number of calories burned, the difference is not so big in terms of the various cardio exercises that the treadmill offers.

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