Training Program Of The Spartans

In this article you will learn the original training program used by the actors in the movie 300.

The Spartan training program for the movie is specially made in consultation with the fitness expert Mark Twight.

This intensive training program is designed to be used 3 times a week.

The Spartan training program is full body (workout program for the whole body) workout method.


Notes about the Spartan training program

Rest. Rest between each exercise should be minimal.

If you suddenly can’t make the required number of repetitions of an exercise then make a short break to take a breath and give some rest to the body, then continue until a required number of repetitions is done.

Training intensity. The Spartan workout method is an intensive workout program that is not recommended for beginners or those who can’t properly perform all the exercises that make up this training program.

Before you employ this training program you need to have intensive fitness preparations to avoid the risk of unwanted injuries.

Box Jumps. If you do not have access to a professional box jump then select a firm and stable surface on which you can perform this exercise.

Floor Wipers. Lie on the floor or on a bench. Take a barbell with a weight of 65 kg, but instead of doing chest exercises hold the weight firmly over you and this is the initial thing to do when performing this exercise.

Then lift your legs straight in the knees to an angle of 60 to 90 degrees and slightly move them to the left and then return to the starting position and do the same movement where the legs will now be slightly inclined to the right.

Nutrition. The Spartan workout program should be supported by proper nutrition.

Depending on what your goals are and what is your current diet it is recommended to have a training diet which is based on a high protein intake.


Description of the training program

It is recommended to practice the Spartan workout program 3 times a week.

This training program is done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you should do intense cardio training combined with abdominal exercises lasting 80 to 90 minutes.

The total number of repetitions of all exercises in the training program is 300.

The Spartan training program combines the following exercises:

  • Wide grip pull up – Do 25 reps with minimal rest between each repetition.
  • Deadlift (dead lifting) – Do 50 repetitions of this exercise with a weight of 65 kg. This is the only exercise in the Spartan workout program that can be performed with larger breaks between each repetition. This is because this exercise has to be done properly and in full motion as unwanted injuries can occur especially when using more weight.
  • Push-ups – Do 50 push-ups with a proper form.
  • Box Jumps – Do 50 jumps on a firm flat surface with a height of 60 centimeters.
  • Floor Wipers – Do 50 repetitions of this exercise with a weight of 65 kg.
  • Kettlebell press – Do 25 repetitions with one arm with the weight of 17 kilograms.
  • The Spartan training program ends with 25 wide grip pull ups.

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