5 Exercises For Amazing Pecs

For men, the chest is the part of the body they need to show. Women on the other hand, need to work on their chest in order to maintain the appearance of their breasts.

And this is why a lot of people search for the best exercises for the chest there are. But the search is over because we’ve set up a list of all the things you need to know for the best chest workout.

The Barbell Bench Press is considered as the best chest exercise for a reason.

Even if you had to choose only three chest exercises, this exercise should be included. You can do several different variations of the flat barbell chest press.

The close-grip barbell bench presses are mostly used to target the triceps, and the wide-grip barbell bench presses are known as the very basics for chest building.

And the most effective exercise for the triceps and the pectorals is the middle-grip barbell bench press.

The Dumbbell Bench Press is second on the list of the most effective exercises for the chest because of the fact that it can’t cause any imbalance between the two sides of your body.

Another thing that makes this exercise great is that it focuses the moving of the weight towards the middle part of your body and it’s working with the natural function of the chest. There are three variations you can do: incline, decline or flat dumbbell bench presses.

The Chest Dips are very similar to the decline chest press, but with this exercise you work more on the strength of the chest. It’s advised you don’t perform this exercise at all or stick to shallow dipping if you have a bad shoulder.

But if you think your shoulders are strong and you decide to perform this exercise, what you need to remember is to lean forward so that you can keep the tension on your pectorals. The most used variations of this exercise are the weighted, assisted and the bodyweight chest dips.

The Dumbbell Flyes are not that effective as chest exercises, but they work great as recovery exercises. And even though you need to take a break after an intense chest workout, you shouldn’t neglect working on your chest during the break.

The dumbbell flyes enable a great stretch while increasing the blood flow to every area of the chest. This exercises is also known as a basic exercise for flexibility and muscle growth.

Make sure not to place your arms completely perpendicular to the floor in the top position of the movement when performing this exercise. In fact, you should stop moving when your arms are degrees short of being overhead.

Also you shouldn’t control the motion with your triceps, but with the chest muscles and the front deltoids.

Explosive push-ups are also one of the best chest exercises. And it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on bench presses or other chest exercises, you should never forget push-ups.

This exercise is great because it develops power in your chest, and also in the triceps and the shoulders. The plyometric and the clapping push-ups are the two exercises we recommend.

What you need to remember is to keep your head up while looking forward when you perform this exercise.