Top 4 Exercises For Arms

One of the ways to get defined and massive appearance of the hands is regular and intense exercise for the muscles of the triceps.

The triceps muscle along with the biceps muscle are a very elastic muscle group which has a much better and faster muscle recovery compared to other muscle groups of the upper body and it is able to withstand more intense workouts a week.


To get the most out of this muscle group you need to use larger weights as part of an intensive training program.

The training program in this article will consist of 4 exercises, where close-grip bench press exercise ( which according to professional bodybuilding athletes and legends in this sport is the best exercise for getting massive triceps ) will be the basis of this training program.

Rest between each set of this exercise should be a maximum of 90 seconds, while the rest between each series of other exercises should be maximum 60 seconds and the rest between each exercise should be 1-2 minutes.

Choice and schedule of exercises in the training program


Exercise No. 1 ( Tricep Pressdown ) – First do 1-2 warm up series using a lower weight and do over 16 repetitions in each series.

Then do 3 sets of this exercise with 10-12 reps and use more weight than the weight used in the series of warm-up.

Exercise No. 2 ( Close-grip Bench Press ) – First it is necessary to do 1-2 warm up series using lighter weight and do a bigger number of repetitions.

The purpose of this series of warm-up is to determine which grip will allow maximum muscle activity of the triceps muscle, and proper and comfortable fit on the shoulders on the bench in order to avoid an unwanted injury.

Then do 5 sets of this exercise with 8 repetitions in the series and use the maximum weight that can be lifted when performing this exercise which will allow proper execution of all repetitions in one series.

Exercise No. 3 ( One-arm Rope Extension ) – Do 3 sets of this exercise with minimum 12 repetitions in the series for each hand separately.

Exercise No. 4 ( Lying Triceps Extension ) -Do 4 sets of this exercise with over 10 repetitions in the series.

If you can, use more weight.

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