TOP 4 Bodybuilding Myths Associated With Body Fat!!!

Who should and can use free weights

• Almost all active bodybuilders – Every active bodybuilder can have benefit from training with free weights, `cos that allows properly shape the entire body and gaining lean muscle mass.

Bodybuilding Myths

• All professional and active athletes – To compete at the top level and be able to avoid frequent injuries all active athletes need to move synergistic, but to achieve all this, it needs to exercise the same principle (this usually involves combined exercises with free weights and exercises with its own weight).

• All active bodybuilders – The best way to become massive and great, is to increase the strength and durability, while the best way to achieve this is the practice of exercises with free weights.

• All active athletes who have an injury and need rehabilitation.

Myth 1: The small percentage of body fat is the best definition and maintenance of lean muscle mass
• When it comes to the definition of lean muscle mass and much of the active bodybuilders aspire to a very small percentage of body fat.

But, the truth and the opinion of a number of professional fitness and bodybuilding athletes, is that our body needs a certain (basic) level of body fat to protect organs and improvement (benefit) of their function.

For female members the necessary level is 10% to 13% body fat, and for males necessary level is 3% to 5% body fat. All active bodybuilders should aspire to have a higher percentage of body fat from the baseline.

Body Fat

Myth 2: You can target which place you reduce excess fat
• For new muscle mass it is necessary to make appropriate exercises for each muscle group. If you regularly exercise bicep curl, will result in bigger biceps. From this, logically follows that the reduction of body fat will be on the same basis.

But the truth is, that it is impossible to target which part of the body we want to reduce excess fat. When reduced excess fat, it will always be a variety of body parts (here in fact, the body according to their needs for proper functioning dictates where it will be reduced excess body fat).

Almost always dropping excess fat includes the following parts of the body: face, neck, chest and hands. For men, the most problematic place to reduce fat, remains stomach.

Myth 3: The fats in the body weigh are less than pure muscle
• When it comes to incorrect information regarding body fat, this myth is in the first place. It is generally known that 1 kg of feathers weighs the same as 1 kg of sand. The same principle, 1 kg of fat weighs the same as 1 kg of pure muscle.

The truth here is that muscle is denser than fat tissue. This somehow explains why the most of the exercisers that reduce excess fat through active exercise, managed to reduce only a few centimeters in some parts of the body – this is because despite the reduction of body fat, by active exercise are getting more muscle mass.

free weights

Myth 4: The muscles turn into fat
• Because a good part of active bodybuilders, if for a long period stop exercising, will gain weight, there is a wrong assumption that muscles turn into fat. But the reality and the truth is that muscle fibers and fat cells are two different things and none of the two can turn into other things.

Much of active bodybuilders, which in the long term take a break from exercise, gain weight as a result of their body consumes significantly fewer calories, but in the same time all these bodybuilders consume the same number of calories as during active exercise.

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