TOP 10 Facts and Tips About Fitness you Need To Know

1. You are never too old to build muscle

Our oldest client is 93 years old and exercises twice a week lifting weights. Age is not a barrier if you want to become stronger.

2. A muscle dehydrated for 3% will lose 10% of strength

Therefore, always try to stay hydrated.

3. The more muscles you have, the more energy your body will consume during the resting phase

That’s why the increase in muscle mass is a great way to burn more fat. With more muscle mass, you have a faster metabolism, and your body will burn more fat while resting.

4. It’s possible to simultaneously burn fat and gain muscle mass, it’s also possible to gain weight and lose fat

The numbers on the scale on the scale are not that important, because they’re not the best measurement of your progress. What your body is made of is much more important.

5. There is a strong correlation between the physical abilities of people who are close to you and your physical abilities

So surround yourself with people who like to exercise.

6. People who exercise outside are burning more fat than those who exercise indoors

So go out in the nature to run and exercise. Escape from your everyday routine imposed by the modern way of living.

7. It takes twice as long to lose your muscles than to gain them

So it is worthwhile to invest in building your body.

8. The “perfect” time for exercise doesn’t exist

The best time for exercise is the one that suits you most. We know that it is not always easy to force yourself to exercise, but it’s important to dedicate to yourself and to your health.

9. Regular exercise is associated with a better sex life

It should be a pretty good reason to start exercising!

10. Sleep is the most important factor in burning fat

Research has shown that the more you sleep, the more fat you burn. The longer you stay awake, the slower your metabolism is, because your brain strives to save energy.