Top 10 Exercises That You Can Include In Your Training Program !!!

Today there are so many exercises which can improve your shape and help you achieve your fitness goals, so choosing the best among them is not exactly an easy task.

Therefore, I give you a list of the top 10 exercises that can help you have excellent results in terms of muscle mass and strength.

Note that the exercises in this list are not arranged in order of priority so you can freely arrange them as you see fit.

1.Bench press

bench press for chest

It’s not coincidentally that all the big names in the world of fitness and bodybuilding have this exercise at the top of their list of the best exercises for the chest.

The secret is that it allows you to practice with larger weights, as you could not use with any other exercise for the upper body.

The result is a remarkable growth of muscle mass in this part of the body.

2.Pull up bar

Pull up bar

Exercises on a pull up bar are definitely the key to developing a broad back, but you need to be careful to perform them properly.

What is important is to catch the rod wider than your shoulders and descend down until your hands are not quite straight.

When lifting up, go until the rod is in line with your chest.

3.Dead lift


Dead lift is another extremely useful exercise to develop the muscles of the back, and almost all the other muscles in your body.

Moreover, the movements you make in this exercise stimulate the secretion of hormones that help build muscle mass.

4.Dead lifting with a focus on the back

In performing this variation of dead lifting your feet need to constantly be in the same width with your shoulders so that the weight can fall to the muscles of the back.


squat goals

Probably the oldest and most effective exercise for developing leg muscles.

Hold the rod high up on your shoulders and see if your feet are not be separated much for your knees to come in a straight line with your toes.

Thus your torso remains upright which will result in greater efficiency of the exercise.

Try to descend as low as possible with the body when performing squats.

6.French thrust (triceps)

This exercise is known by many different names, but whatever you like to call it is important not to leave it out of your training program.

This old school exercise is credited with the success of many fitness and bodybuilding professionals who we all admire.

When you perform this exercise hold your elbows close to each other, facing upwards.

Try to avoid spreading your elbows. Lower the rod to your forehead to maximize the activation of the triceps.

7.Biceps curl

This is an excellent exercise for developing big and strong biceps.

Use a straight rod, hold it with your palms facing you and make sure you do complete movement to keep the biceps activated the whole time.

8.Thrust overhead for shoulders

This is one of the best exercises for the shoulder, which simultaneously activates the triceps.

In its performance be careful not to make mistakes that can reduce its effect and to impart pressure on another muscle group of the body: do not bend your knees and do explosive movements upwards.

9.Lifting the toes (calves)


If you want to achieve a solid shape, you need to pay attention to your calves, and this simple exercise is crucial.

Place the rod back and lift the toes. That is it.

10.Rowing (back)


This exercise is great for your back and you can perform it on the floor or using the platform, depending on how you are more comfortable.

Whatever version you choose, it is important that your shoulders are joined at the end of the movement.