Tips On Losing Excess Fat – Don’t Make The Same Mistakes You Did Last Year

A lot of people want to lose excess fat, develop their abs and show off their sculpted bodies at the beach.

And honestly, why work hard during the winter if you can’t enjoy during the summer? Which doesn’t mean you only workout so you can show off your body, it’s also for your overall health.

There are different reasons why people work out, but when it comes to losing excess weight most people take way too many drastic measures in order to reach their goal.

So, in this article I share my top six tips in order to help you lose the excess body fat as fast as you can.


1. Don’t wait until it’s too late

You might be thinking this is a very obvious thing and not so much of a tip, but I have to tell you that it’s very important. A lot of people tend to neglect or forget to start with their “shredding” period until it’s too late.

And when they realize that they don’t have time, they start taking too many drastic measures in order to lose the excess weight quickly.

I’ve got to tell you that this never works and the only thing you can lose is muscle mass. In fact, if you deprive yourself of food and water, the only result you can get is being less lean and defined at the end.


2. Carb cycle on rest days

Even though being on a low – carb diet for a longer time is harmful to your health, it’s recommended to limit the carb intake on the rest days when you don’t work out and you don’t need a lot of energy. But, if you do this, you need to increase the intake of fats and protein.


3. Change your weight-training techniques

There is basically no point to try and lose the excess fat if you’re losing muscle mass at the same time. The best way to save as much muscle mass as you can is trying to lose fat gradually while maintaining your strength. Note that strength loss is equally common as losing muscle mass.

At the same time, you should maximize the process of burning calories, especially when working out. So, even though 8 sets of 3 reps can be a great way to keep your strength, it doesn’t burn as many calories as possible.

So, if you want to lose excess fat, but not lose your strength you should mainly focus on compound exercises and use techniques to make the most out of your workouts and burn more calories while also building your strength.

  • Technique No. 1 – Employ drop sets. When you finish a heavy 8 rep set of squats, drop the weight immediately by 40% and do 8 more reps. Then drop the weight again by another 50% and work until failure. This technique burns a huge amount of calories and bring the benefits of high volume training to your workout.
  • Technique No. 2 – Employ super sets. Instead of working on your biceps first and on your triceps later, why not make a combination for the two by using supersets? Choose 3 biceps exercises and 3 triceps exercises and combine them instead of taking long breaks between your sets. This doesn’t only save a lot of your time, but it also requires a lot of energy. You can also combine different muscle groups such as the hamstrings and the quads, the back and the chest.
  • Technique No. 3 – Employ cheat & recover. To use this style of training all you need to do is employ cheat reps to overload the eccentric part of the movement and increase the weight. Then you need to immediately reduce the weight and do 8 more reps with the proper form on the eccentric and the concentric part of the movement. This way you get the best combination – heavy negative overloading and high volume.


4. Fight back the late night cravings with leafy greens

This is a tip that work amazingly for me on nights when I am hungry but can’t allow myself more calories. A lot of people find themselves in this situation and can’t fight off the cravings so the start eating and ruin their diet plans.

A trick that works for me is combining zero calorie drinks with leafy vegetables like spinach. Even though the greens are actually around 10 calories it’s nothing to worry about.

And also the 10 grams of BCAAs from the drink and the micronutrients from the vegetables make the perfect late night snack for fighting off your cravings.


 5. Minimize Stress & Alcohol 

Drinking too much alcohol and constantly being under stress can seriously slow down your fat losing process. Now, without going too deep into science, here are the reasons why:


Every time you are stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released into the bloodstream and when this happens due to physical and emotional stress the body can react in 3 ways which negatively affect fat loss:

  • Cortisol makes cells less responsive to insulin and leptin, which means if the body doesn’t read the signals for insulin, the fat remains in the cells and if the body doesn’t read the signals for leptin, you’ll constantly feel hungry. So you can understand how these two things can slow down the fat losing process.
  • Cortisol increases inflammation – Stress signals increase the chance of storing more visceral fat (unhealthy fat), which increases the release of inflammatory signals causing a cycle of inflammations and increased unhealthy fat storage.
  • Cortisol dysregulates the hunger hormones – which means that cortisol makes you want more sugary foods and causes a rollercoaster of insulin dips and spikes which you definitely want to avoid when trying to lose fat.


I know that alcohol is part of almost everyone’s life, but if you want to reach your goals you really need to ask yourself if alcohol is really worth for not achieving them.

You need to know that alcohol can impede the fat loss process in several different ways:

  • Alcohol contains 7 calories per gramwhich is double more than protein and carbs. This basically means that a few glasses of alcohol contain many calories.
  • Alcohol can damage the liver, kidneys and stomach – The damage of these organs will reduce their fat processing ability which has a detrimental effect on fat loss.
  • Alcohol lowers testosteronewhich is something to really worry about because testosterone has big effect on fat loss and alcohol reduces its effect. Also, testosterone is an anabolic hormone and affects gains in muscle mass.


Stay Motivated

Just like everything else in life, losing fat has its ups and downs and is a long road to take. Measure your progress just don’t lose any motivation if you haven’t gotten any results for a few weeks. It’s normal to plateau sometimes.

If this happens to you, try changing your workouts or your macros, or just push yourself harder, just don’t give up!