Tips For A Large And A Strong Chest

If you conduct a survey among male practitioners, about which muscle group they prefer to work on I am sure that 99% of them would say – the chest!

Even in a joke when a girl approaches the guy and asks him what he’s doing on Saturday nights – he says the chest.

The chest has obviously in some inexplicable way became phenomenon and a symbol of the male body. I prefer to think of it as a feminine attribute but well, what’s done is done.

Here are a couple tips for large is also powerful chest:

– The chest is like any other muscle. Just because they’re important to some people does not mean that they should be worked on several times a week. Once or twice is enough.

– Although many still think that there is “upper” is also “lower” chest, the fact is that it is one muscle – pectoralis major (there is also pectoralis minor but it is irrelevant in this context).

However, regardless of that a workout for the chest is always divided into exercises that will activate the upper part, the lower part as well as the inner and external part more.

Therefore, it is an unwritten rule that your workout consists of three exercises:

Exercise for the first lower chest (bench press rod or with dumbbell on a flat bench)

Exercise for the second upper chest (bench press rod or dumbbell curls)

Exercise 3 for the inner and outer part of the chest (on a flat bench or dumbbell curls)

When the number of repetitions is concerned, the first two of that exercise is always done in the range of 6-10 repetitions.

This number is optimal when it comes to muscle hypertrophy since it has been proved that muscle fibers are responsible for the greatest growth.

The break between the series is 90-120 seconds in order to recover and be able to push it with more weight.

After two series of heating, 2-3 working series are quite sufficient

The third exercise mentioned has the goal to affect other types of muscle fibers, the so-called red muscle fibers or fibers of endurance

The number of repetitions ranges from 12-15 with a break of 45 for 60 seconds.

Do not mix hypertrophy and strength because these are two different things. Power is done below 6 reps.

The fact that you’re strengthened and you feel strong has no connection with the aforementioned.

If you want more, the first exercise can be such. 5 repetitions in 3-5 series with pauses of 2-3 minutes.