Strategies To Achieve Your Fitness Ambitions

Shortcut to putting fast muscle mass overnight ( for 1-2 months) unfortunately don’t exist. But however, putting some good habits, with time guarantees we’ll bring you success.

Yes, to be in your best life form it needs to put a lot of effort in the gym, but if the “fuel” for your muscle you don’t consume it through food, all efforts it is for nothing.

healthy meal

With the insertion of this 30 strategies in your way of eating, will notice it that things are going to the right way, even all of this is not happening thru the night.

Gaining muscle mass on your body is something you be proud of it, but not important how big weights you lift in the gym, you won’t get the define look if you don’t cut body fats on your body.

A lot have a wrong attitude about losing fat (defining), that is all about training more and eating less, bodybuilders can’t cut the calories on minimum and to run till their legs start to hurt.

All is an about correct balance of food and training. This advice well help you to lose fat, but still, save hard-earned muscles.


Limit your intake of carbohydrates 4-5 days, then increase the intake in the next 2 days, and repeat the cycle.

When reducing calories, you burning fats, but when you reducing calories and limiting intake of carbs on 100 grams or less for 4-5 days body is entering in melting phase what is under effect not only on reducing calorie intake, also from hormones change.

When you turn back the process, when you increase intake on 200-300 grams carbohydrates for 1-2 days, you accelerating the metabolism.

Remember to keep protein intake high so you protect yourself from losing muscle tissue.


High intake of carbohydrates can make you fat, but low intake of carbohydrates in a couple of days can slower metabolism.

That why timing is important: consume the most of the carbohydrates in the morning and after training.


Intake at least 50 grams fast absorbing carbohydrates in the morning when you get up and right after training, so it can be controlled the level of stress to hormone cortisol (hormone what is slowing metabolism and destroying muscle tissue) and to prevent catabolism.


In order to prevent catabolism, use 5-10 grams in the morning immediately when you woke up, and before and after training.

When are use before training BCAA from the body side is use like a substitute for energy and don’t let the body use muscle tissue in a time of training. Also when you are on a low intake of carbohydrates, BCAA is improving proteins synthesis.


Building bigger muscle mass for sure melting much more fat in a long way, you need to make your training sufficiently intensive to get the results you want.

Intake 20-30 grams whey protein and 20-40 grams slowly absorbing carbohydrates ( from a source like fruit, sweet potato, or brown rice ) 30 minutes or less before your first repetition in the gym.

Exercise with big weight ( what are big for you) and reduce the rest between series so you can burn this fuel.



What is neurotransmitter?

These substances signalize in the machinery for melting fats in the body to change in active state.

Caffeine , evodiamine, tea (green tea ) are reducing this substance, especially when are taken before training and in a deficiency of carbohydrates.

Doses are different in individuals but can be used in combination with other fat burners 2-3 times a day, with one of this doses 30-60 minutes before training.

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