What Stops You From Getting Visible ABS?

This is one of the main preoccupations of those who work for a fit form, because it is not complete if you can’t praise with visible abs, right?


If you exercise regularly, and are not happy with your appearance in the abdomen, it may be the result of 3 mistakes.

1.Insufficient control of body fats

Body fats are a rather obvious reason for the “hidden” abs, but the problem occurs when you keep track of the calorie intake and physical activity, and the situation in the abdomen doesn’t change.

The solution is quite simple – you need to strike a balance between these two aspects. Even if you exercise intensely every day, if you consume more calories than you spend, you will not be able to reach the goal of 10% body fat.

When controlling the calorie intake it is very important not to make abrupt changes because it will reduce the energy which you need to exercise.

Make a long-term plan for the gradual but constant reduction in the number of calories you consume until you find the perfect formula that will get you to the shape you want.

In case you have trouble with controlling your diet, try to increase the number of burned calories with more cardio exercises.

2.Wrong approach to cardio

Although cardio exercises are great for burning excess body fat, the wrong approach to them can give the opposite effect and turn them into the reason why you can’t get visible abs.

Although long cardio sessions at a slow pace may look like a great idea because you sweat and you spend calories, they are the wrong choice if you want visible muscles.

Intense cardio workouts in a few short intervals are a much better option for burning many calories and speeding up metabolism, while one session of sprint running is best to activate and get the abdominal muscles.

3.Targeted exercises for abs

Abs, just like other muscles, require an appropriate training program combined with enough rest to strengthen and shape.

If you regularly practice sit-ups, and there are no visible results, it is necessary to make changes in your training program to activate different muscles that play a role in the appearance of your abdomen.

If you want “an ideal” abdomen, you have to access the torso as a whole and therefore combine exercises. So besides the right abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis), you need to do exercises for the lateral abdominal muscles (obliques) and muscles that are set deeply in the abdominal wall (transverse abdominis).

Another thing that is very important to know in order to achieve visible abs is that they are activated in many other exercises that seem unrelated to them.

As an example I would give Compound exercises such as squats, dead lifting and variations of rowing.

The weights with which you perform these exercises affect the stomach.