How To Start Your Combined Training – With Cardio Or Weights?

Combined training sessions are often included in fitness training programs as well as training programs in other sports.

Their popularity is due to the undeniable effects which they provide with the right combination of exercises.

these training sessions include cardio and weights exercises that will help you both to get rid of excess fat and build muscle mass. But how should your ideal combined training look like?

Compose a combined training program based on your goals

The most common dilemma about the combined training refers to the order of the exercises – whether to start with cardio and end with weights or vice versa. To find out which combination is ideal for you, let us examine their effects.


Cardio before weights

If you start your combined training with cardio exercises, you will significantly improve your VO2 max, which is the extent to which your heart, lungs and the entire muscular system efficiently use oxygen during exercise.

Cardio exercises also increase the burning of fat in the period after exercise, which boosts metabolism up. On the other hand, if you are doing cardio exercises before exercises with weights, it can have negative effects on the increase of your strength and muscle mass.

If your goal is to develop the maximum aerobic endurance as is required for running a marathon for example, the combination of cardio before weights is perfect for you.


Weights before cardio

If you start your training with exercises with weights, you will increase the positive effects on the metabolism of the cardio exercises which you perform afterwards.

Studies show that the combination of weights before cardio increases the fat oxidation and the burning of calories.

This combination is ideal for those who want to work on strength and muscle mass and the reduction of fat deposits.

The muscles are metabolically active tissues that use, i.e. spend body fat for energy. The more you work directly on your muscles, the more they spend accumulated calories.


A combined training that will give you the best results

To sum up, both types of a combined training will help you burn excess fat.

The combination of cardio before weights will get you a slimmer body shape, while the combination of weights before cardio would give you an “athletic” body.

That is why the second type of a combined training is used the most. In addition you will see how to use this combination for maximum effects.


Training program with weights

In the workout with weights it is important to make changes in the series and repetitions to achieve a greater impact in the construction of your muscles.

If you don’t make changes, your body will quickly get used to the burden and you will not get the same results that you had initially. Also, the changes will make the workout more interesting.

  • Schedule 1: 2 to 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions
  • Schedule 2: 4 to 5 sets of 6 to 8 repetitions

Cardio training program

Depending on the schedule you choose for your workout with weights, the cardio section should change in the next 2 ways:

  • Cardio schedule 1: 30-40 minutes of active cardio training
  • Cardio schedule 2: 10-15 minutes of intense cardio workout or a longer workout in alternating intervals of high intensity and periods of rest with reducing the intensity.

On the days when you exercise with weights in several series (schedule 2), choose the second, shorter and more intense cardio schedule.

When you choose the option with fewer sets and more reps with weights (schedule 1), do the longer active cardio workout.