Snoring Spend 300 Extra Calories A Day

People who are prone to snoring spend more calories compared to a typical training in the gym.

Research shows that people who snore more spend 300 extra calories a day.


Unfortunately, they compensate by eating more and exercising less, which leads to weight gain. People who snore stop breathing during sleep periodically throughout the night, which causes restless sleep and morning sickness.

This is an extremely bad condition that can result in accidents, fatal distress and cardiac arrhythmia.

Many bodybuilders snore or wake up periodically throughout the night because their strong neck muscles prevent proper breathing through the mouth and throat.

If you have any of these symptoms, you are probably a person who snores.

Inadequate sleep leads to obesity. Gaining weight also leads to snoring because of the fattened tissue and the unpleasant sound during sleep.


Snoring can be treated with weight reduction, with some special devices or surgery.

See your doctor if you have problems with snoring.