With Posing To Better Muscle Growth!!!

In pursuance of  every detail will become important in your preparation for a contest.

Posing fitness

Counting all the calories you eat, counting your protein intake, controlling the time in which you eat, and not missing a single meal.

Your training has never been better, and you watch the pulse while doing cardio to ensure that you are able to spend that fat, and to not lose precious grams of muscle tissue.

You are certainly sleeping for at least 8 hours, sometimes you cancel your socializing with closer friends, so your preparation can go in the direction that you conceive.

This lasts for months and you are happy that your body in in a great shape, and you know that you’re ready for the contest.

But however many bodybuilding competitors, and often those who compete for the first time, forget about their posing.

How adding posing after your workout actually helps?

From a physiological point of view, there are a few very important things why should posing be added into your daily routine.

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1. First and foremost, it helps to be more inflated when you are deficient in carbohydrates.

2. Enhances your muscle-mind connection, which will help when you pose on stage.

3. The more you work, the better you look on stage when posing for the judges.

4. As fat is reduced, the muscles are getting nicer and more defined. With better posturing you get the 3D view of the stage concealing the weaker muscles, what every bodybuilder wants.

5. When you squeeze or contract a muscle, you interrupt blood flow to that muscle – this is called occlusion. This temporary restriction of blood to the muscles would later can cause muscle hypertrophy.

But what if you do not want to pose in front of others in the gym?

It is quite fine and not everyone feels comfortable doing so in front of other members of the gym.

You can still get the benefits of occlusion, devoting more time to perform the repetitions in workouts.

In the negative part of the repetition, control the movement say about 3-5 seconds, while the positive part of the repetition, lift it explosively in the final part of the repetition.

You create a temporary blockage of blood flow to the muscle, without posing in front of others.

With a good selection of supplements, to a better look on the stage

If you have not used ALLMAX RAPIDCUTS in preparing for a contest, you should in order to get that defined and sharp appearance on stage because it is one of the finest supplements of its kind on the market.

Also, for better posing and getting a better pump during a workout, use ALLMAX HEMANOVOL or ARGININE, that will improve the flow of blood to the muscles, so that when you pose, i.e. when you stop the flow of blood to the muscles you will feel that there is so much blood in your muscles, as if they will explode in any moment.


With so many details and so little time during the day, it is difficult to give 100% importance of each aspect of your preparing for a bodybuilding contest.

If you think posing is less important than a workout or food, think again.

A firmer and a fuller appearance on stage is what everyone wants, and adding posing in your daily routine will give you just that.