The Perfect 5 Minute ABS Workout

Every physical fitness program has one or two abdominal workouts.

But, these workouts often last 15 minutes, and a lot of people are unwilling to do sit – ups and crunches for such a long time.

Fortunately, there is a 5 – minute abs routine that can help you build, define and shape your abs. As most routines, you should perform these exercises every 2 days, 3 times a week.

After each workout, you need to allow your muscles to recover for 48 hours so you prevent fatigue and overworking your abs.


A classic six pack abs routine

 A standard abs routine consists of 3 types of workouts:

  • 3 abs exercises
  • 3 obliques exercises (both left and right)
  • 2 exercises that simultaneously target the abs and obliques


Five Minute Abs Routine

5 minute abs workout consists of 4 different exercises, without rest between them.

It doesn’t requier any equipment or exercise balls, all you need is an exercise mat, focus and effort.

Here are the exercises you need to perform:


1. Alternate crunch

 This makes a great warm up for the abs. Lie down on the floor in a crunch position. Raise your legs at the same time and reach for the feet with both of your hands. Make sure you crunch your abs.

2. Reverse crunch

 This move hits the lower abs that are harder to target with the alternate crunch. It’s similar to the classic crunch, with the difference that you’re bending your knees as you raise your legs.

3. Bicycle crunch

 Provides full simulation for the abs. If you don’t know whether you’re performing these exercises in the proper way, you will know if you feel sore and tight when pulling your abs.

4. Leg raise

 Right foot on top: Creates balance between both sides of the lower body

Left foot on top: Tones and warms the lower abs