Oatmeal As Part Of The Diet

Bodybuilding and fitness as part of life need big commitment with working out, proper diet and rest in and out from the gym.

Proper diet is a key factor in containing a healthy and solid body in long run.

Proper training diet for all bodybuilders needs to contain products what will provide an adequate intake of nutrients in order to maintain and build lean muscle mass.


This products when is consumed need to provide sufficient quantity from next nutrients in order maintain solid and healthy body:

• Proteins – Proteins are lesser in building clean muscle mass and fast recovering of the muscles.

Healthy fats – Consuming healthy fats will provide a proper function of the immune system, increase production of tasteron what keep the body in an anabolic state in long run and correct absorption of vitamins in over body.

Vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body.

Sufficient number of calories for providing energy throughout the day.

In this list of products what are necessary for regular muscle growth and containing muscle mass, oatmeal is one of the basic products what will provide maintaining the healthy and solid body.


Oatmeal offers next benefits and needs to be part of every training diet:


Energy – Every time when is doing some physical activity body lose some number of calories like energy to provide correct muscle activity.

These calories belong in two categories – fats and carbohydrates.

When there is regular and intense training with free weight , body use 87% carbohydrates and 13 % fats (from a total number of burned calories in training )like an energy source.

That is why oatmeal what contains a great amount of complex carbohydrates are ideal for consuming them a couple of hours before training for quality and lasting power source.

The excellent ratio of quality calories – 100 grams oatmeal contains 360-380 calories from what 1.2 grams saturated fat, 2.5 grams polyunsaturated fats, 2.2 grams monosaturated fats, 66 grams complex carbohydrates,11 grams fiber, 17 grams protein, a great amount of iron and 44% from the daily need for magnesium.

Because bodybuilding and fitness way of living need a strict and regular schedule of meals before training, oatmeal represents great meal what can be consumed (1-2 h) before training and surely will provide bigger energy during training.


Regular daily consummation of oatmeal like part of a meal – ( some combination of oatmeal and proteins or some fruits ) or like healthy snack combine with regular physical activity well help to contain optimal and healthy body weight.

Reduce blood pressure.

Its regulate and reducing cholesterol  – Oatmeal compares with other cereals have the biggest percentage of digestive fiber helping the process of reducing cholesterol in blood from the digestive system.

Reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Reduce and regulate blood sugar – For low glycemic index and a big number of fibers what they contain, oatmeal provides energy for long period thru slowly increasing blood sugar.

Better physical and athlete performance.

Protect the skin – In cosmetics industry oatmeal’s are part of the products what prevent skin irritation.

Improves heart health.    

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