Why You Need To Start Running

Bodybuilders are often afraid of muscle loss and injuries, and they try to prepare for everything in advance.

And that’s actually the reason why many of them hate running and would rather practice something else, because they’re aware that running can burn up their muscles.


Also, their bodies have 30 extra pounds of muscles, which puts too much stress on their joints if they run often. But it’s not all bad, running has also great benefits, like getting the most out of cardio.

If you do it right, it’s natural, safe and actually better than any other type of cardio when it comes to fat burning, without the unwanted muscle loss. And if you love lifting and also love running, you need to know that you can do both, and we can help you get the most out of it!

Why Run?

Have you ever seen a massive, muscular man jogging?

Yeah, right. But you can always see them in the gym, walking at 4 miles per hour on the treadmill.

Still, according to bodybuilder and professional trainer Kris Gethin, every lifter who wants to get lean needs to include running in his routine.

And here are 3 basic tips to help you start.

Utilize Primal Running Form – In order to lower the stress put on your joints while running, you should learn how to run “softly”, which is a technique where you are landing gently on your forefoot with your leg bent.

Do Low-Heart-Rate Training – Do low – heart – rate cardio to get the best results: the low heart rat encourages your body to burn even more fat. You should use a periodization program and try to speed up gradually, while maintaining the same heart rate.

Do Sprints – The best time for sprinting is after your legs workout. Since it’s a short, high – intensity activity, it helps you avoid the stress on your joint and boosts the anabolic effect of the strength training sessions.


Here are some of the best advantages from a good run 2 times per week:

Better Gym Performance – Besides burning more fat, running will also boost your endurance. And no matter how strong your body is, if you lack endurance, you can’t get the most out of your workouts. You improve your cardiovascular health and increase the lung capacity, which unlocks a new level of your strength sessions.

Improved Health – Numerous studies have proved that endurance running protects the health of the lungs, the gut and the heart and keeps your blood pressure normal. It can also improve your sleep.

Running makes your heart beat faster, which forces your body to do maintenance on your circulatory system, which improves your energy levels, mental clarity and overall health in the long run.

Looking from a bodybuilder’s stand point, running is great because it increases the blood circulation to the muscles, which improves the oxygenation of the muscle cells.


Still Worried About Muscle Loss?

You shouldn’t be, since muscle tissue can’t just disappear that fast. There are a lot of bodybuilders who can prove you that running and weight training can and should be done in the same time.

If you have the right technique, you shouldn’t fear muscle loss. It can only be a problem if you do high – volume running 4 times a week while having a low – protein, low – calorie diet.

But if you do have the proper diet plan and allow your body to recover after each workout, you can have it all – incredibly ripped muscles, increased muscle protein synthesis and optimal health!


Diet Guidelines

A lot of protein, a lot of complex carbs and a moderate amount of dietary fat – that is all you need. Of course that junk food is off the limits, and we also don’t recommend cheat days, unless you’re sure you’re able to keep them infrequent.

Your meal frequency should be high and you should eat 5 or 6 solid meals a day and also have protein shakes, especially after exercise.