How Much Water You Should Drink Daily

Let’s talk about to one of the most important beverages: water.

Your body is mostly made up of water. About 78% of your body is water. And water is one of the essential things for every function in the body, including the metabolism. If you are even slightly dehydrated, you get thirsty, even though many people mistake it for hunger.

If you get too dehydrated, you may feel a little ill, notice some nausea or a headache. Your body won’t function fully. And it gets worse when you get even more dehydrated.

So why would you wait until you get thirsty or feel nauseous? You should try to get enough water a day so your body doesn’t have to ask for it.

And you probably already know that you need to drink a lot of water, but what happens once you start doing cardio and lifting weights? You will need more water than usually.

For the average person, it’s recommended to drink 7 – 8 glasses of water a day. A lot of people don’t actually drink that much water a day. Instead, they consume their water through other sources, like the food they eat and other beverages. For instance, a lot of fruits are made up mostly of water.

Still, the problem is that people count beverages like coffee or juice as a part of their intake of water. Coffee contains caffeine, and works as a diuretic, which means that it can actually pull the water out of the body. So even though coffee can be slightly hydrating, it’s not as effective as drinking a glass of plain water.

The other reason is that it’s not a “one size fits all” concept, which means you might need more water a day than your friend.

And here are the factors which influence how much water a day you should drink:

Exercise and other physical activities. It’s obvious that if are sweating a lot when you exercise, you should replenish the lost liquids. Drink a glass or two before you exercise, and then drink water at least every 15 minutes during your workout.

Temperature. You are going to sweat more if it’s hot, meaning you will lose liquids. So, you need to make sure you drink more water whenever it’s hotter.

Food. As I already mentioned, consuming watery foods (soups or fruits) means you’re already consuming some liquids. But if you drink caffeine or alcohol, you will lose some of these liquids.

Medication or supplements. If you are taking any medication, you should consult with your doctor whether you should drink more water than usual. Also, you need to drink more water if you are using supplements.

Illness. And finally, you need to drink more water if you are sick. This is especially important if you have diarrhea or you are vomiting, both of which dehydrate you quickly.