What Improves And What Slows Down The Melting of Excess Fat?

There are factors which are critical while reducing body fat. There are also factors which seem critical, but actually are not.


The critical factors are quite simple and you probably know them.

But the things which are not so important are the ones that can slow down the process of cleaning.

What will improve the process of cleaning?

Eating less

It is well known that you need to consume fewer calories to reduce body fat. If you don’t consume fewer calories below your average, then your body has no real reason to reach for fatty reserves.

What do you actually eat?

If you eat fast food, it will be much harder to reduce body fat.

Not all calories are “created” equally, 1,500 calories from pizza, are not the same as 1,500 calories from rice, steak, fish etc.

Eating less food is important, but it is also very important to eat quality food.


Exercise properly

Continue to train excessively with large weights. Add a cardio workout. Your body needs heavy weights while decreasing body fat.

Consider this – what will burn more calories and speed up your metabolism, lifting light weights or heavy weights that are challenging for your body?

Not only larger weights will burn more calories, but will also send a signal to the body to maintain muscle mass so it can deal with large weights.


What will slow down the process of cleaning?


Eating excess calories

This is pretty simple – if you eat a lot of calories, it is impossible to lose body fat.


Not eating enough calories

Your metabolism needs fuel. If you do not eat enough calories, your body will desperately hold on to the fat you have, and will start to burn muscle tissue.

But you can have a very low calorie intake for several days, and have excellent results.

We’re talking about 800 to 1000 calories. It will be very difficult to exercise with such low calorie intake, but you will certainly have a great progress in reducing fat.

But don’t do this for a long period, have a low calorie intake for a few days, then increase your calories.


Exercising in the wrong way

Using light weights, high reps and slow cardio is really the wrong way.

There are exceptions to this rule, but overall you need to exercise with heavy weights.

Because of this, many people often lose much of the muscle mass gained. Generally, you may see results with this approach, but not very good results.


Things that are not as important as we think.


Doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach

You will see greater benefits of cardio in the morning, but here is why it isn’t so recommended.

If you do cardio with intervals, you won’t have such intensity in the morning, and that way you will not see any great advantage of cardio during that period.

Later in the day you are more alert and more energetic, thereby you can exercise harder.

But if you can exercise more intensively in the morning, do it in the morning.

Overall, it does not matter when you do cardio, as long as you do it strongly and correctly.


Eating 6 meals a day

Eating more meals throughout the day will help reduce fat.

But if you can’t eat 6 meals a day does not mean you can’t reduce your body fat.

As long as you have a good workout and several quality meals, you can reduce your body fat.


You are constantly hungry

It really isn’t easy to feel hungry while you are on a diet for cleaning, but see it like this – it is a sign of the body that the stomach does not have enough food, and it has to work in some way, so it is drawing from the reserves it has – in translation, it uses the body fat (reserves).

It is possible to lose a small amount of muscle mass, but not as big as it may appear.

When you train with weights, it is a great stimulation of the body and a sign to keep the acquired muscles.

Eat enough protein throughout the day, exercise hard and you won’t lose any muscle mass.


The use of fat burners

Contrary to what is shown in magazines, fat burners won’t make a big difference if you don’t have a proper diet.

Your metabolism and exercise will do most of the work. You can’t wait and drink pills and expect abs.

You have to earn them.


Having a cheat meal at a specified time

What you eat 90% of the time, is what will bring results.

It’s really hard to be perfect all the time, and to be perfect is really a “good” way to be disappointed at a certain moment.

So why not accept it and add it into your schedule?

If you have pizza or cake, it does not mean that the previous effort doesn’t count. Eat it and just continue with your diet.

The only thing that will deter your progress is if you eat fast food for a longer period.

One cheat meal will do you a favor, it you will shock your metabolism, thinking that it isn’t on a diet.