A Hefty Look in 3 Steps

Obtaining better results in less time is something we all want.  You ready to put as much effort as needed to optimize your results.

But what are the results you are looking for?

If you are like the many, you probably want to reduce fat as much as possible and to increase the volume of the muscles.

This article will show you how to speed up your results with perfect supplementation, diet and ideal training strategy.

You are visiting the gym daily and still not get the results you desire, which is enough to lose motivation and the will to be constant.

But to get the wanted results you need to have a good strategy from the outset. Part of the strategy is the training, part is effective supplementation, and the final part of the puzzle is proper diet.



This part is not so complex, but it is very important to be on the right path to success from the very beginning.

Most exercisers who are starting a new training routine are the ones who already have a training plan and are looking for a change, or the ones who haven’t exercised for a long time and are looking for a new program.


Divide all muscle groups to exercise effectively

Firstly, you should divide all muscle groups and be able to devote enough time and effort to each.

There are several ways to divide them, but this program will make it pretty simple.

1) Chest, Shoulder, Triceps

2) Back, Biceps

3) Legs, Stomach

In order to achieve the ideal body with this training program, you should start with a lesser weight, but hard enough to speed up blood flow in the muscles.

This should be 30-40% of the weight. The following 2 series should be with weight that will be quite severe and with which you will struggle to do the 10th repetition (set number 2 and 3).

For the last (4th) set, you will lower the weight to the point where you can do 15 to 20 repetitions. If you can do more than 20 repetitions, then the weight is probably too light.


Why does this training technique work so well?

With the heavy series, you create maximum muscle stimulation for the shortest period of time.

When you perform each exercise, focus as much as you can on the form of performance of each repetition. Specifically, when you perform each repetition, tighten the muscle at the top of the repetition.

Make sure you feel the contraction. You can also stretch the muscles that you exercise between sets. Stretching helps to stretch muscle fascia, which gives more space for the muscles to grow.

Exercising in this way and performing the exercises in the correct form will create maximum stimulation to the muscle tissue.

This is forcing your body to react and adapt to the new situation. Your body does this through different processes.

The best known is increased secretion of the growth hormone which occurs due to stress from previous workouts.

It is also very important that your workout does not last more than 1 hour. Workouts lasting more than 1 hour can cause the body to increase the secretion of cortisol and reduce the effects of growth hormone.



To get the body you desire, you need to devote more attention to what, how, when and why you eat, rather than eating only when you feel the need to eat, i.e. hunger.

Your goal should be to build muscle mass, while reducing fat as much as possible. To achieve this, you need a strategy.

We have composed a simple diet that is very easy to follow. You will have 3 normal meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We will increase the frequency of meals by adding a meal between breakfast and lunch, one between lunch and dinner, and a small meal before bedtime.


Optional supplement: AMINO MAGIC (1 dose) 10-15 minutes before a meal.

Meal 1 – Breakfast

3-4 egg whites and 1 whole egg, 100 grams of oat flakes, 50-60 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

Meal 2 – Morning

1 can of tuna with a green salad with olive oil

Optional supplement: 100% WHEY PROFESSIONAL (1 dose)

Meal 3 – Lunch

Chicken steak (cooked or baked with a little oil) and 1 serving of broccoli

Meal 4 – afternoon

1 serving of baked / boiled potato

Optional supplement: 100% WHEY PROFESSIONAL (1 dose)

Meal 5 – Dinner
• Option 1: Baked fish (tuna / hake / salmon) with a little olive oil, 1 serving of rice
• Option 2: Chicken salad with grilled chicken steak and salad, 1 serving of broccoli.

Meal 6 – Before bedtime

2 egg whites mixed with skim milk and one dose CASEIN COMPLEX (22 grams protein per dose)



Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to supplementation, what and when to use.

Most of those who have an enviable body shape use the right supplements at the right time to get that look. The market has a number of supplements that you can use, but we will focus on the ones that are most needed and will easily adapt to your budget.

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) Three amino acids that are found in all protein sources such as red meat, chicken steak, eggs and of course Whey protein.

They occupy 35% of the full range of amino acids. What makes them special and favorite of all bodybuilders is having a unique impact on the muscles.

Firstly, the structure is different from all other amino acids. This changes the way they are absorbed by the muscles.

Muscles absorb BCAA amino acids quickly and are willing to use them as fuel. What happens when training intensely – your body breaks down muscle and uses it as fuel.

When you are sufficiently supplied with BCAA, this process occurs minimally and there are many studies that confirm this.

The weight training and cardio are the best way to prevent muscle breakdown. It also applies to the muscles.

Muscles that are not broken down by the body are stored.

You should use BCAA when doing cardio or weight training (during or after). Another time when it is good to use BCAA is on an empty stomach, i.e. between meals.

Your body goes into catabolism there is not enough food.

If you can’t eat on every 3 hours, you can take BCAA dose to prevent catabolism, and put the body in the process of building muscle mass.