Gym or Street Workout?

Street workout or gym?

This question is similar to the question about mass or definition, and it is a matter of taste.

The Street workout is more about agility, while for muscle mass it is necessary to work out in the gym and lift weights. In this article, we will try to highlight the benefits of each one.

First and foremost, the street workout is a social sport, while you are alone in the gym.

In the street workout you are doing various moves and you can compete, and in the gym you lift your weights and grow your body with increasing weight.

If you want a large mass you need to go to the gym, because with bodyweight exercises this can’t be achieved.

That is, you can gain muscle mass with the street workout, you just need to add load during exercise.

The negative side of the gym is that the body with a large mass will be less agile.

Of course, everyone decides for themselves, strength and great muscles or definition, endurance and agility.