Great Dummbell Exercises

Exercises with dumbbells are one of the most effective strength exercises.


The free weight lifting is a great way to build your muscles and get the body you want.

Dumbbells are very adaptable and are not that expensive. A lot of people choose exercises with dumbbells over machines because it’s easier to perform some movements.

There are a lot of different exercises you can perform with dumbbells, but you need to know which specific training program will help you get the results you want.

For example, the programs for gaining muscle mass and weight loss are completely different and if you don’t have a training program designed for you, you risk injury and not achieving your goals.

So, what you need to do is research the benefits and drawbacks of exercises with dumbbells before you start working out.

Chest Presses

The flat chest press targets the upper and lower pectorals. What you need to do is lie down flat on a bench or on the floor and hold the dumbbells in front of your chest, with your arms straight.

Slowly lower the dumbbells down and put the arms in their original positon. Decline and incline chest presses also target different parts of the chest.


Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises

You can get bulky shoulders by combining shoulder exercises with dumbbells. One of the most used routines are the seated shoulder presses.


Leg Dumbbell Exercises

Dumbbell lunges, half squats and leg calf presses are one the most effective exercises for the calf muscles and the quadriceps. It’s crucial you keep the back flat and straight when doing these exercises.


Triceps and Biceps Dumbbell Exercises

Hammer curls, biceps curls, overhead presses and triceps kickbacks are only a few of the many effective exercises for building muscle strength.

You can get the results you want by doing the optimum number of reps and with the proper dumbbells.

What you need to remember about the dumbbells exercises: dumbbells like the Bowflex 552 have great characteristics.

You increase the efficiency of your training if you use better quality dumbbells. But note that you can also do a lot of the exercises using basic hexagon dumbells.