How To Get Stronger Back Muscles?

The training program in this article is a beginner’s training program for the back (but this training program can be used by more experienced practitioners who for some reason are not able to do complex exercises for the back as dead lifting, and exercises with free weights such as t-bar row exercise and bent over barbell row exercise that are the most effective exercises for back muscles) that will allow strengthening the back muscles and allow proper development of this muscle group.

This training program consists of 10 series in 3 exercises that activate all the major muscles in the back. Depending on the possibilities and wishes of each individual this program can be practiced 1-2 times a week with a minimum gap of 2-3 days between each workout. While practicing this training program you need to observe the following:

*Regular warming for 5-10 minutes before the start of each workout which will include 2 series for warming up using lighter weights and more repetitions.

*The correct and complete movements when doing each repetition are more important than using more weight.

*Rest between each series of an exercise will be 60 seconds, while the rest between each exercise should not exceed 2 minutes.


Choice and schedule of exercises in the training program

Exercise No. 1 ( Front Lat Pulldown ) – Do 4 sets of this exercise with 14, 12, 10, 8 reps successively in each series. Increasing weight should be in each series.

Exercise No. 2 ( Seated Cable Rows ) – Do 3 sets of this exercise with minimum 10 repetitions in the series.

Exercise No. 3 (One-Arm Dumbbell Row) – Do 3 sets of this exercise with minimum 10-12 repetitions in series.

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