Get The ABS You Want in 3 Steps

We’ve set up a list of 3 things which you need to do in 3 weeks to get the abs you want:

1.First week: Nutrition.

You don’t need to think about exercise over the first week. All you need to do is focus on your nutrition and cut down on carbs. A lot.

The first thing to eliminate are sugars.

The next thing are “heavy carbs”, like bread or pasta. You need to import carbs through vegetables.

There will be a big difference once you cut out these carbs, in only a week or two. And this way you can quickly lean up your stomach.

2.Second Week – Exercising.

With exercise you will burn body fat and induce the loss of weight even more and more quickly. Exercise and nutrition are the first two steps for getting the abs you’ve always wanted.

Once you cut out carbs and start doing cardiovascular exercises you will start to quickly lose the excess fat.

Doing cardio exercises is actually quite easy. Seeing people on TV shows or programs for exercise groaning and moaning will fool you.

All you need are 20 or 40 minutes of cardio 4 or 5 times a week. Fast walking for 30-40 minutes is also great. Sprinting in intervals (1 minute of running, 2 minutes of walking) is another great way to do your cardio.


3.Third Week – Ab Sculpting.

Once the routine becomes easier you can start working directly on your abs.

There will be some excess fat left and you will still need to do the same routine of diet and exercise, but now you can start working directly on the abs and the ones you’ve always wanted.

You don’t need to complicate anything.

Choose 3 abs exercises and do them often, every other day. And everyone has different wishes and abilities so the exercises are individual.

Here are some tips:

  1. Choose an exercise which targets the LOWER abs (ex. Leg lifts)
  2. Also do combinations. Choose any exercises which targets both the lower and the upper abs in one motion. (Doing crunches upwards while performing leg raises is an example of a combo exercise.)