General Information About Squats And Leg Press Training

Often ask question between bodybuilders is, if there is a big difference in terms of muscle activity in performing of this two exercises and which one is the best one for better and complete develop of legs.

According to professional bodybuilders coaches for correct and maximal develop of legs mass be combine booth movements in training legs.


Even at first look, this exercise includes same muscle group, however, their muscle activity is different what result with different muscle benefits what is the main reason why to include them in training legs.

Squats –Best exercises for all body

Barbell squat exercise activates all larger muscle group of the legs in same time much more than any other exercise.

Quadriceps ,muscles on the back lodge , and buttocks muscles are primal muscle groups what get activate and take the largest resistance from this exercise, while pelvic muscle, torso muscle with an erector spinal muscle group are secondary muscles group what activates performing this exercise.( that’s is why this exercise is taking like the best one for the entire body).

The goal of secondary muscles groups is stabilization of movement and protection to the entire body from not wanted and not natural movements while performing this exercise.

When is perform the standard version of barbell squat exercise stomach muscles and an erector spine muscle group have an isometric contraction in order to provide correct body movement.

In same time pelvis muscle are activate to provide support and correct lowering the body in the end position on the end of the exercise.

squat goals

The range of movements is also very important component when analyze is done of this exercises and according to professional bodybuilders athletes is doing the difference between this two movements.

Like conclusion this exercise offer following benefits:

• Bigger range of movements what result with bigger activate on muscles back lodge and buttocks muscles.

• The maximal activity of stabilization muscle groups ( secondary muscle groups what helping the movement) what result with bigger strength and better muscle grow.

• No need of accessories when performing a variation of this exercise.

• Maximum muscle activity of hip abductor muscle group for entire develop of the legs.

• One of the best exercises for entire body ( together with death lifting ).

Leg press

Like is already know this exercise have a smaller range of movement comparing with squats, the muscle of back lodge and buttocks are significantly less active comparing with squats.

Also the muscle activity of stabilization ( secondary) muscles groups and significantly lover, but also this doesn’t mean this exercise is less effective when we talk about muscle activity of quadriceps regarding squats.

Leg Press

Because, performing of this exercise ( muscle of back lodge ) and buttocks are significantly less active quadriceps represent primary muscle group and take the most resistance to this movement what provide them with maximal muscle activity ( especially if bigger weights are using .)

No matter squats are one of the best exercises for correct growth of legs ,also they can’t provide same muscle activity of quadriceps like leg press.


This is the main reason why you need to put this two exercise in the  leg training.

Like conclusion this exercise offers next benefits:

This exercise is much safe to perform comparing to squats for all bodybuilder who don’t have strong build legs and don’t exercise regularly this muscle group.

• Using significant bigger weight for maximal muscle activation of quadriceps.

• Different placing of the legs for maximum muscle stimulation of legs from all possible angle.

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