Gain Muscle Mass In A Quick Way With These Exercises

If you want to gain muscle mass in a quick way and you’re looking for the exercises which will help you, you are in the right place.

There are a lot of exercises which target specific parts of the body but we’ve set up a list of the ones which will help you gain weight fast.

You shouldn’t work on the same group of muscles two days in a row and you should try using the heaviest weight you can perform 8 – 10 repetitions with if you want the best results.

Let’s start!


Triceps – The best exercises which target the triceps are dips and tricep press downs.

Shoulders – The exercises you want to do to target the shoulders are the standing military press and the seated dumbbell press.


Calves – A great exercise to increase the strength of your calves is the standing calf raise.


Quads – Out of the many exercises for the quads, we list the squats and the lunges as the best.


Biceps – In order to enable more growth in the biceps you need to do the inclined biceps curls and the barbell curls.


Abs – And the most effective exercises for the abs are the weighted cable crunches and the weighted ball sit-ups.


Back – If you want to tone your back, the exercises you need to perform are the close grip chin ups and the bent over barbell rows.


Chest – One of the best exercises for the chest are the flat dumbbell chest press and the bench press. These exercises will stimulate growth and tone the chest.
And if you wanted to know how to gain muscle mass in a quick way – you need to include these exercises into your training program. These exercises will help you gain muscle and also strength.


And as you probably know you need to combine these exercises with stretching and the proper diet to get the best results!