Foods Which Keep You Satiated Longer

Weight loss may seem as a simple task – all you need to do is exercise more and eat less.

But what happens when you consume less calories? You become hungrier.

And the hungrier you are, the more likely it is you’ll overeat and won’t succeed in your weight loss process.

Not every food is the same and choosing the wrong ones can make you gain the weight back faster than you lost it. Some food is better at making you feel full and others, like sweets, often make you want more.

It’s recommended you consume high volume, low calorie food such as:

  • Salads
  • Some fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Lean proteins
  • Soups

Cutting off all your favorite foods from your diet can make it hard to be persistent and stick to your diet plan.

There is a way to know which food will make you feel satiated for a longer time, without consuming too much calories.


The Fullness Factor

There are two factors which determine how high a food is ranked on the Satiety Index and those are the amount of:

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Bulk of the food
  • Water content

Lentils and beans, which are both full of fiber are ranked high on the Satiety Index. So consume high volume foods like whole wheat bread, potatoes, oatmeal and popcorn.

The more satisfying the food, the smaller the chance you’ll eat something else afterwards. Fatty foods, even though being caloric dense, are not really satisfying if you can’t have more than a bite.

Foods with a high water content can’t make you that full because they leave the stomach relatively quickly. Having a salad and a soup will make you want to have something more in an hour. It’s better to consume lean proteins, such as fish or chicken, some complex carbs like rice or potatoes with a side of vegetables.

And here are 5 foods which will keep you satiated for a longer time:


1. Eggs

Kick – start your day with two scrambled eggs or a two egg omelet. Eggs are rich in high quality protein, vitamins and fats.


2. Avocados

Make your meals tastier by slicing up an avocado and adding it to your salad. A half an avocado can make you less hungry and increase your satisfaction.


3. Chili Peppers

Chili peppers can fire up the metabolism, and due to capsaicin, the compound hot peppers contain, they can control your appetite.


4. Oatmeal

A bowl of warm oatmeal in the morning helps you feel fuller for a longer time. Oatmeal is rich in protein and fiber and also contains beta – glucan, the sugar which gives oatmeal its thickness and hydration.


5. Dark Chocolate

If sweets are your guilty pleasure, then you can have dark chocolate to satisfy your cravings. Dark chocolate lowers the desire to consume any calories for longer than milk chocolate does.