Exercise at Home And Get Amazing Results

Even though a lot of people choose to exercise at the gym or some kind of a sports center, you should know that you can get the same results from exercise outside or at home.

As exercise in nature has many advantages, but also drawbacks like rain, snow and similar weather conditions, exercise at home is a great alternative.


In this article you can see some exercises that you can do at home, and also a whole training program.


  1. Common push-ups: arms placed in shoulder width
  2. Narrow push-ups: arms placed narrower than the shoulder width
  3. Wide push-ups: arms placed wider than the shoulder width
  4. Deep squat
  5. Semi-squat: thighs parallel to the floor
  6. A step forward
  7. Standing on your toes
  8. Abs (raising your torso)
  9. Abs (raising your legs)
  10. Boat Pose (lifting your torso and legs simultaneously)

You start the workout at home like any other workout, with warming.

For warming, we always use aerobic exercises and gradually increase the tempo. We can start with easy walking in place, then running in place or Jumping Jacks.

This is followed by stretching all the joints. When flexing, we make circular or semicircular movements starting from the neck, over the shoulder, and all the way to the feet.

After flexing, we perform a static stretching in which we hold each movement for about 15 seconds.

The warming lasts between 12 and 15 minutes.


After warming, you do the main part of the workout. In the main part you do exercises depending on your goals and the results you want to achieve. We will show you a circular training without any props and weights.

To do the circular training, we determine four locations in the apartment where we will perform the exercises. These locations are called stations.

At each station, we make one exercise and immediately, without a pause, we move to the other.

When we make a full circle, or four exercises, we take a 1 minute break and then we do the other four exercises or the second round. Every workout is done until failure, or the maximum repetition.

First round:

  1. Regular push-ups
  2. Deep squats
  3. Sit ups
  4. Crunches
  5. 1 minute break

Second round:

  1. Narrow push-ups
  2. Semi-squats
  3. Abs (leg lift)
  4. Raising the opposite arm and leg while laying down
  5. 1 minute break

Third round:

  1. Wide push-ups
  2. Step forward
  3. T-extension
  4. Sit ups
  5. 1 minute break

Fourth round:

  1. Regular push-ups
  2. Standing on your toes
  3. Abs (leg lift)
  4. Raising the opposite arm and leg while laying down

After the fourth round, take a 2 minute break followed by another cycle of four rounds of exercise.

After the main part of the workout, the static stretch of all muscle groups follows.

This text shows a circular training with basic exercises without weight and props. In addition to these exercises, there are many other exercises, that is, variations that can be performed with individual exercises.

As it is necessary to change the training system over time, it would be ideal to include certain props in your training.

The most common requisites used for exercise at home: Swedish ball (fitball), elastic tape, dumbbells, medicine ball, etc.

You can do this workout 2-3 times a week, and you can combine it with aerobics or some other aerobic training. Before, after and during the training, use sufficient amounts of fluids.