Excellent Choice – Cardio And Weight Training For Both Sexes

Division of what male need to exercises against female exists in all gym.


Very often where machines are placed what are use for cardio training you will find a lot of females.       From another side male very often are using machines for weight training also free weights.

This division about training it is not imposed by fitness industry or from employees in a fitness center but from incorrect thinking that female need to practice only cardio training and to avoid weight training.

From another side, there is a fitness deception what say man don’t have a need to do cardio training. In continuants with this article it well is given some information why is good for males to do a cardio training, and why is good for females to do a weight training.

Why males have need of cardio training

If we are honest here it is very rear for a male to practice cardio training.For males lifting weights, it is unmatched with cardio training. In reality, things can be divided like this because cardio training needs to be practice from all active people.


The biggest myth with cardio training is it can’t be practice when we want to do clean muscle mass.This myth about cardio training are consumed and brake down hard made muscle it totally incorrect.

The reality is almost all professional fitness and bodybuilders athletes are not hiding the fact that they all do cardio training.In continuation of this article well be listed advantages what cardio training is offering:

  • Improve heart function and his total health.
  • It reduces the time for muscle recovery at a time for weight training.
  • Accelerates and increases the body’s metabolism.
  • Improves durability.
  • It improves strength and bone density.
  • Result with better sleep and higher energy level.
  • Reduces risk from heart conditions, stroke and high cholesterol.

Beside this all positive benefits what cardio training is offering it is important to mention for those who want to make bigger massiveness don’t do cardio training more than 45 minutes. All active people need to practice some kind of cardio training in their training routine.

Why females need to practice weight training

It is well known that females more often are practicing cardio training.They often avoiding weight training with the opinion if they do it they well gain bigger muscles and lose their femininity.

The reality is too far from all this, no matter the gender for some bodybuilder to gain massive and muscle body it needs a lot of effort, a lot of time in training and a special diet.

That is why the myth about the weight training is only for males is totally incorrect and a big part of professional fitness coaches are recommending to females from time to time to do some weight training so they can use the advantage what this training method is offering:

  • It prevents, stops and reverses the process of muscle loss what comes with the age.
  • It improves the efficiency of daily tasks ( no matter if is connected with housework or job)
  • It reduces the risk of injuries.
  • It improves the balance and movements of the body.
  • Burning calories and increases metabolism
  • Reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and breast cancer.

In conclusion on the end is important to mention all exercises what can be done in all gyms are set so any active trainees to use the benefits what cardio training is offering.

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