Everything You Need to Know About The Chrono Diet

The Chrono diet is based on the rule that certain types of foods should be imported at a specific time.

This means that various hormones and enzymes that help digest food will be differentiated throughout the day, so we need to respond with the proper food they break down.


Period of restriction

This diet is conceived as a healthy diet, not classical dieting. However, in cases of significant overweight, a special restriction period is introduced in the Chrono diet.

Restriction means that snacks are completely abolished from the menu, including fruit. The intake of food in this period, especially sugar, should be gradually reduced.

From time to time, you can eat starchy vegetables and carbohydrates for lunch. But why to completely dispose of this food? Because it contains a lot of sugar.

In the period of restriction, you actually purify the body and then lose weight. The time period between meals should be 5 hours.

For breakfast you can eat pastries that are not of wheat or corn flour. It is not allowed to mix dairy products and eggs, as well as several different proteins.

You can’t eat vegetables with starch and legumes for lunch, and dinner should be lighter (some protein and white or green vegetables).

The period of restriction lasts at least 28 days, but of course, you can interrupt the restriction period if you have lost as many kilograms as you planned. In people with extreme overweight, the period of restriction can last for several months to a year.


Chrono Diet: Menu example

Following the rules of the Chrono Diet, you can make your own menu. You have many options because the diet allows many types of foods. Just combine it properly and eat it in the exact time period.

Breakfast: ham or chicken breast, butter, rye bread and sour milk. Before breakfast you can drink unsweetened tea or hot lemonade.

Lunch: Chicken broth and zucchini

Snacks: fruits, nuts or dark chocolate

Dinner: chicken with lettuce



This is the most important meal of the day and should be plentiful. If you think that eating fruit in the morning is healthy, with Chrono Diet you will see that it is not. Sweets, fruits and honey are forbidden for breakfast. Eat abundantly because you will need energy for the day ahead of you. You don’t have to count calories, don’t worry, the body will spend this throughout the day.

For breakfast you can eat proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Eat bread and baked goods but avoid corn and wheat flour products. You can eat eggs, ham, cheese, sour milk, butter, bread, pies and some meat products.


For lunch you should eat animal protein (maybe other types of proteins) or vegetables (fresh or steamed). You already know that frying or boiling increases the glycemic index of vegetables. Unlike breakfast, lunch should not be plentiful and the goal is only to curb the hunger for the next meal. It is desirable not to mix protein with carbohydrates. Don’t eat much fats for lunch. You can eat: pork, lamb and veal (without bread). If you don’t want a powerful protein lunch, you can eat vegetables.


During the diet, snacks are allowed, except in the period of restriction. These are actually your five minutes of enjoyment, because you can have something sweet. Snacks should be between lunch and dinner (between 4 and 6pm). The goal is to satiate you so you won’t eat much for dinner. For snacks you can eat fruit, dried fruits, dark chocolate, honey, olives, peanut butter, nuts.


The dinner should be the lightest meal. It is desirable to eat two hours before you go to bed so that there is time for the body to digest the food. You can have fish, lean meat like chicken breasts, or green vegetables. Don’t eat pasta, starch, sugars or saturated fats. Also, avoid carbohydrates.