Everything You Need To Change To Stimulate Muscle Growth

Are you still not seeing any results after months spent in the gym? Are your muscles not as big as you wanted them to be?


Most beginners find the solution for this in supplements to stop this period of stagnation.


But before going for supplements you need to know there are a lot of things which affect the results you get. And supplements are not always the answer. There are some things you need to change before you decide to go for supplements:

1. Find the right exercises

If you are wondering why your muscles aren’t getting bigger after months of exercise, you need to take another look at your training routine.

Are you using enough weight?

And even if you think you’re lifting enough, you might not have increased the amount of weight after all this time. If you want to gain muscle mass and build your muscles, you need to gradually increase the weight you’re lifting.

2. Too much cardio

If you think that running on the treadmill for half an hour is proper warm up, you’re wrong. Cardio makes a great warm up, but not if you do it for too long. In fact, it can do the opposite and use most of your energy, after which you’ll probably be tired and not able to lift.


3. Change and try new things

Changing something and adding new things into your routine can help you prevent muscle resistance. If you have been exercising in the same way for too long, your muscles will get used to the exercises and work in a more efficient way.

And with this, prevent the damage to the muscles tissues, after which your muscles won’t grow. Change the amount of weight in each workout. Put more stress on your body with more or less sets. Change the intensity each time you exercise. You need to shock and stress your muscles so they can start growing.


4. Rest

Are you resting enough? Sleeping enough?

This is very important.

The highest secretion of the growth hormone actually happens while you sleep. And this is one of the most important hormones which affect the progress you make.

If you over-train and don’t provide enough rest to your body you won’t get the results you want. Your body needs time to recover so it can work in the best way it can the next time you exercise.