Is There A Diet That Permanently Reduces The Excess Weight?

People consider diet as a quick solution to the protracted problem.


Images from well-built male and female bodies in magazines sell the idea that only a minimal effort will resolve the long-lasting problem with excess weight.

To be clear once and for all, there is no such supplement or a special kind of food that will help in reducing weight.

Long-term weight loss can be achieved only through a slow, gradual process which includes proper diet and exercise.


Long-term weight loss is a change in lifestyle

An article published in the journal “Diabetes” recommends that the basic approach to weight loss is a change in your lifestyle and habits, and it refers to a reduced calorie intake and increased physical activity.

According to the article, the change in lifestyle was twofold more effective in preventing type 2 diabetes rather than the treatment with metformin, a drug used to treat this kind of disease.

When you follow a special diet and exercise regularly, then you will start losing weight.

But that’s not all, according to Dr. Michael Jensen, professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic, “99% of people who lose weight will lose it in the upper body.”

Kris Etherton, a researcher at the Penn State University explains that the visceral fat, which is deeply deposited in the waist area is metabolically active and easier to lose rather than the subcutaneous fat, especially if you have a large percentage of it.


This explains why many diets for weight loss always have a short term effect.

However, how to make this effect of weight loss and reducing fat to be protracted is the biggest problem for many individuals.

A recent study showed that successful, long-term weight loss is achieved through a reduced calorie intake accompanied by exercise, and it will change the bad habits and acquire habits that will make this process permanent.


What advice should we give to those who want to lose weight?

In an article published in the journal “Clinical Diabetes”, the author Marion J. Franz, nutritionist and advisor offers a unique perspective for people who have a weight problem.

According to Franz, besides a healthy diet and exercise, another thing that can help these individuals is for them to begin to love themselves.


She adds “They are important people, both for them and for the people who care for them. If we can’t help them lose weight, we will make changes for a healthier lifestyle.”

Studies have proven that proper diet and exercise are the best way to reduce excess fat and lose weight.

What else is missing to achieve this goal?

Perhaps the lack of motivation and will for this “journey”.

To reduce weight because of health problems can make a change, and immediately start the process, but what will encourage the individual to make permanent changes in the lifestyle and physical appearance is the desire for change.

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