The Most Common Misconceptions About The ABS

I’ve read and heard a lot of misconception when it comes to getting six pack abs.

That’s why I want to tell you the truth about the 3 most common ones. You might not like what you read, but if you keep these six pack secretes in mind, you can get the abs you want.

So keep on reading to see the 3 most common misconceptions about getting a six pack and ways to overcome each problem.


Misconception No. 1: “I don’t have abs and I never will”

A lot of people just don’t think they have abs. Most of them also have the wrong terminology. This weird phenomenon exists saying that when you gain weight and excess fat, your abdominals cease to exist.

The “abs” are the abdominal muscles and six pack is the look you have when you develop and sculpt your abdominal muscles. And I want to tell you that you do have your abs, you just need to work on them to make them visible.

Two deep tissue muscles called the psoas minor and major help make up the abdominal core. The muscles are below the six pack muscles and are attached to the lumbar spine, creating the hip flexor by attaching close to the head of the femur.

The superficial muscles (those creating muscular definition) that actually make up the six pack are the rectus abdominis, the actual six pack muscles, and the internal and external obliques.

So what you need to know is that you don’t actually lose the abdominal muscles once you gain weight. They might be weaker, but they are still there and you just need to work on burning on some excess fat to build and develop those muscles and make the six pack visible.



Misconception No. 2: “Okay, I’ll just do a lot of crunches to lose the excess belly fat”

This second misconception is that crunches target excess belly fat and can get you the six pack you want. Even though you can strengthen the abdominal muscles and make them grow by performing a lot of crunches, you won’t burn excess fat off your stomach.

Like any other muscle strengthening movement, crunches can’t burn fat in specific places. Like mentioned above, the muscles are there, so you can make them stand out more with crunches if you don’t have a lot of excess fat, but if you do it all comes down to losing that fat before working on definition.


Misconception No. 3: “I’ve got to burn fat everywhere, I’ll just run it off”

Cardio is an amazing way to burn fat, however there are a lot of reasons why cardio isn’t always the best way to lose the complete excess fat. Exercise, particularly cardio, is an amazing way to increase your strength and improve your overall health.

But, if you move more, the body needs to recharge itself and gain energy through food and sleep. Most of us feel very hungry after a workout and give into it. And it’s normal to be hungry after exercise, but we tend to eat more than we need to, which brings us back to a caloric surplus.

If you want to lose weight or some excess fat to develop your six pack, cardio might actually make it harder.


Solution: Dieting gets you a six pack!

As said at the beginning of this article, all of us have abs. The six pack appears if you have a low body percentage, and the best way to get to this is dieting.

Dieting is the crucial thing when it comes to losing weight. Your body needs a specific base of calories every day. If you combine this with regular exercise, both strength and cardio training, your body will need even more calories. So the only wat to lose weight and excess fat is to make sure you’re in a caloric deficit – consuming less calories than your body requires.

So keep on lifting, keep on running and start counting calories, start consuming foods low in fat and limit the carbs intake and you will be well on the way to a six pack!