Circuit Training With Own Weight

This intense circuit training made of exercises with own weight (were between every exercise is rest from 10-25 seconds) is great for all bodybuilders who from some reason can’t work out in a gym, and don’t want to miss being active that day.

front squat

Exercises with own weight are great for increase the strength and durability, they make you more flexible to all of your body and improve the function of joints and are a great test for your current physical fitness.

A short break from 10-15 seconds between each exercise will significantly speed up your metabolism what will result with more burn calories.

This circuit training is made from 6 exercises which like is mention before are made one after other with short break 10 – 15 seconds between each exercise.

After finishing of all exercises pause from 2-3 minutes and then 2-3 like this series depends on you opportunities and wish.

If you like and can for making pull ups put them between 2-3 exercise with minimum 8 repetitions.

Schedule and choice of exercises

Exercise number 1 (some variant of squats with own weight ) – Chose some variant of squats with own weight and is done 25 repetitions.

Exercise number 2 (Decline push –ups) Do over 20 repetitions from this variant of push ups.

Exercise number 3 (Floor Hip Thrusts) –Do 20 repetition from this exercise.

Exercise number 4 (Walking Lunges) –  Do 12 repetition for each leg separately.

Exercise number 5 (Wide grip push ups or Clap push ups ) – Chose some variant from this pushups and do 20 repetitions.

Exercise number 6 (some exercise for stomach muscles ) –Chose some of the basic variants for stomach exercise and do over 20 repetitions.

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