Bulgarian Recipe For ABS – Lazar Angelov

How did you get started with bodybuilding?


When I was younger, I always admired the stunning appearance that many actors had action movies.

At that time, I admired Jean-Claude Van Damme the most, also Bruce Lee.

I was probably 10 years old when I first got the one handed weights and practiced at home with them, and also trained Wing Tsun.

It was my beginning in fitness / bodybuilding.

lazar angelov abs

After a few years I started to train basketball and that was my new passion.

It was my life then, I trained basketball in the morning, and immediately after that I did a training with weights, and later in the day I exercised again, not using any supplements and back then I didn’t know how to eat properly.

When I recall my lifestyle back then, I realize how many mistakes I made and how many more benefits there would be if I would do it today, when I know how to do it properly.

When my basketball career ended, I went into the army and started to lift more weights.

After that, I got my certificate and I started to work as a personal trainer.

Also I competed several times in bodybuilding competitions where I finished in the top 3 and so began my bodybuilding journey.


Where do you find the motivation?

My motivation comes from my fans and those who support me.

But mostly it comes from my clients and their positive results that have been achieved with my help.

Another thing that motivates me and without which I couldn’t live is music. I listen music all the time, before, during training and after training, the day could not pass without listening to Rick Ross, Slim Thug and the good old hits by 2pac.

When I put the headphones, then I am ready to exercise!

Which training routine works best for you?

Recently I created a new training method, which I named “Rest Reduction Training”.

I currently use it and have excellent results, it gives increased strength and durability.


Monday – Chest

– Bench –  4 Series, 8 repetitions
– Skew bench – 4 Series, 8 repetitions
– Counter-skew bench – 4 Series, 8 repetitions
– Pull-over – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Hammer Press – 3 sets of 12 repetitions
– Loom – 3 sets 12 repetitions

Tuesday: Back and neck

– Rowing in pre-branch – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Dead lifting –  4 Series, 8 repetitions
– Lat machine – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Shaft – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Lower coil – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Raising handed weights (neck) – 6 series, 10 repetitions

Wednesday: Shoulder and abs

– Thrust behind the neck – 3 sets, 8 reps
– Thrust machine – 4 Series, 8 repetitions
– Flying with weights – 4 sets, 10 repetitions
– Lifting a plate – 4 sets, 10 repetitions
– One handed lifting of weights – 4 sets, 10 repetitions
– Reverse heat-dec – 4 sets, 10 repetitions
– Lifting the legs, hanging position – 4 series
– Raise on the side – 4 series

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Triceps and Biceps

– Thrust for triceps on a bench with a narrow grip – 4 series, 8 reps
– Pushdowns – 4 Series, 8 repetitions
– Thrust from the head with a skew bar – 4 sets, 10 repetitions
– Kick-back with cables – 4 sets and 12 repetitions
– Biceps curl with a wide grip – 4 Series, 8 repetitions
– Hammer – Series 4, 8 repetitions
– Concentration exercises – 4 sets and 12 repetitions


Saturday: Legs and abs

– Squats – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Bulgarian squats – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Extensions (kick) – 4 sets, 16 repetitions
– Dead lifting with joined legs – 4 sets, 12 repetitions
– Extensions for the back – 4 sets, 16 repetitions
– Kick-back for the buttock – 4 sets, 20 repetitions
– Thrust for calves – 4 sets, 20 repetitions
– Seated lifting for calves – 4 sets, 20 reps
– Lifting the legs, hanging position – 4 series

Sunday: Rest


If you would choose the 3 best exercises, which would they be?

Definitely, the 3 best core exercises – squats, bench and dead lift.

I do these regularly with heavy weights.


How does your diet plan look like?

  • 1st meal – oatmeal, 6 egg whites
  • 2nd meal – Whey Protein, rice, chicken breast
  • 3rd meal – Whey Protein and almonds
  • 4th meal – rice and chicken breast
  • 5th meal – tuna and a salad
  • 6th meal – Protein shake

When you reduce body fat, i.e. when you define yourself what kind of cardio do you use, normal or HIIT cardio?

I prefer HIIT cardio (cardio with high intensity intervals) as normal cardio makes muscles more “dry” and they get a soft look, especially for bodybuilders with a fast metabolism.

So I avoid the normal cardio and do cardio with high intensity.

How does your supplementation look like?

I use multivitamins in the morning, Whey Protein (in the morning when I get up, before and after training and before bedtime) 5-10 grams of BCAA and glutamine before and after training.

I do not want to use products that contain creatine, no matter in what form because I have a very sensitive stomach and I always feel bad when I use it.

Favorite bodybuilders?

I generally prefer the aesthetic physical appearance and genetically gifted bodybuilders as Usiless Jr., Max Philisaire, Phil Heat and Victor Martinez.

Favorite saying?

To accomplish what others will not, you have to do what others won’t.

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