Build A Wide Back With These 3 Exercises

You may have been working on your back intensively for a long time, using different kinds of specialized programs, yet you still haven’t reached your goal.

In this article, we show you 3 exercises, recommended by Dorian Yates, which will enable you to build your back and increase its’ width.

Yates actually recommends a program composed of two parts.

The first part is a close grip reverse pulldowns on a Hammer strength machine, which targets the upper back and the lats. The second part is an overhand grip bent over barbell rows, which should add thickness to the rhomboid muscles and to the teres major.


1. Hammer Strength Reverse Pulldowns

As mentioned above, the first exercise are the pulldowns on the Hammer strength machine, but you can also switch them with pulldowns on a standard pulldown machine.

The Hammer strength version is a movement closer to the natural movement of the back muscles.

All you need to do when working on the standard pull down machine is simply pull the weight down in a vertical line. The close grip enables a better stretch of the lats and the reverse grip removes the stress from the biceps, making sure that your lats are more stimulated. Make sure you properly warm up before starting the working sets.

Next, position yourself and grab the handles or the bar with a close, reverse grip, and start pulling down while bending your knees which puts more stress on your lats.

You should be focusing on the lats while pulling down. Pause for a moment in order to get the full contraction at the bottom and then slowly release the weight upward in a controlled manner.


2. Overhand Grip Bent Over Barbell Rows

This exercise is known as one of the essential ones for gaining muscle mass and for a reason. Dorian’s style of execution connects to all of the areas of the back.

He performs this exercise with an overhand grip, grabbing the bar at shoulder width and positioning his body at a 70 degree angle to the floor.

Most bodybuilders perform this exercise with their bodies parallel to the floor and pulling the barbell towards their chest. But, if you want to really target the lats and lift as much as you can, 70 degrees is the perfect angle to position yourself in.

Then, all you need to do is pull the barbell up from the floor and raise it to your waist.


3. Seated Cable Rows

End your workout with some warm up sets and 3 sets of 8 – 10 reps of seated cable rows using a long bar and overhand grip at shoulder width.

You should slightly lean forward when starting the movement to stretch the lats better. Bring your elbows out and the bar to your upper abs or the lower chest area. Pulling the elbows back helps you to stimulate you upper back better.

After ending this workout you should rest for a week so your back can recover. You can also perform pullovers or deadlifts as a replacement for the Hammer strength pulldowns to make your workouts more interesting and get the most out of your back workouts.