Build The Triceps From Your Dreams

If your goal is to build your triceps than this is the right article for you.


I present you a 3 week workout which will help you build your triceps in a quick and effective way, using exercises for the triceps which are less known.


You can perform this workout in 2 halves.

The first part consists of 3 exercises and is a kind of a circuit training and the difference is you need to take a 30-60 second break between sets. If you are more advanced you need to take less, but if you are a beginner you need to take a 60 second break. The second part consists only one exercise with rest intervals of 30-60 seconds.

You need to make sure you stay in sensible form and slow down when you’re going back to the original position. You may know this as holding the negative which is very important when you’re building your triceps. Your triceps will probably shake and burn if you’re performing the exercises in the right way.

And here are the exercises which you need to do in this 3 week triceps building routine.

You should do 3 circuits of the first part, and 1 circuit of 3 sets of the second part. You should work out three times a week but you need to make sure you aren’t feeling any fatigue from the previous training because that means your triceps need more rest.


Part 1: 3 circuits with 30-60 seconds rest between exercises


Exercise No. 1: Lying on the Floor Kettle Bell Extensions ( 12 repetitions; hold the negative on the method down)

Exercise No. 2: Tricep Push Up (12 – 15 repetitions; hold the negative on the method down)

Exercise No. 3:  Physioball Dumbbell Kick Back (10 – 12 repetitions; hold and squeeze for 2 – 3 seconds at the high)


Part a pair of: 1 circuit of 3 Sets with 30 – 60 seconds rest between exercises


Exercise No. 1: Tubing Reverse Tricep Curl (10 – 12 repetitions)


You will notice that the workout targets every part of the triceps in a new and a unique way. It’s a very effective workout for gaining muscle mass, losing the fat and increasing muscle definition.

So just be consistent with these workout and continue working to get the results you want!