Build Your Triceps With These 3 Presses

As you know, the triceps is very important in order to get that perfect, complete look of your body.


The triceps and the biceps are the bulk of your arms, and are very important when performing any variation of the press.

Usually, the weakest point of the bench press is just above your chest. And the triceps plays a very important role especially at this point.

So to help you build your triceps, we’ve set up a list of 3 exercises that stimulate growth and improve your strength.


1. Floor press

Lie down on the floor and slightly bend your knees. It’s better if you perform this exercise with a partner, but if you do it alone you need to position yourself so that your head is parallel with the bar above.

Lock out your elbow and unrack the bar and then lower it down toward your chest. Your forearms need to be vertical and you need to slowly lower your elbows touch the floor. After this, raise the bar up.

Controlled and slow movements provide the best results of this exercise. You can use heavier weights since the range of motion is shorter. This exercised will also help you improve the bench press lockout.

2. Close grip barbell bench press

Even though you may think that this exercise is not so popular any more, it’s still one of the best exercises for triceps building. Start by laying down on the bench and place your hands on the bar with a grip narrower than your shoulder width. Try not to place the hands side by side. Start lifting the bar and then lower it down towards your chest.

You should be focusing on your elbows and keeping them pointed ahead. Start slowly extending your arms and lift the bar up. Then lower it down until it makes a contact with your chest. Then press the bar up and make sure your elbows are pointed ahead. The lift should be performed in an explosive manner.

The close grip barbell bench press also targets the delts and the chest which makes it the ideal exercise for improving your regular bench press.

3. Board bench press

The board bench press is another great exercise for triceps building. But you need to know that this exercise requires two partners. One to hold the boards and the other to help you support the weight.

Start by laying down on the bench and put some heavy wooden boards on your chest. Lower down the bar toward your chest until it touches the boards. Your downward movement will be limited by the boards. Raise the bar up in an explosive manner so that you go back to the original position.

Add more resistance with chains and bands

You can add more resistance to the upward movement of the press if you use wrapped chains or rubber bands.

The chains should be hanging down from the bar, and the bands should be connected to the floor or the bench.

This is a great way to add more resistance to the last part of the movement and gain more strength.