Build Your Arms With Push Ups

The first thing you think about when you hear pushups is the chest.

Even though they are a chest exercise, if you change and adapt them just a little, they can be a great arms and shoulders exercise.

Regular pushups do target your arms, but on a smaller level. With adaptations like the diamond or the biceps pushups work your triceps and biceps.

Perform these two variants 2 or 3 times a week to work on your arms.


1.Put your hands down on the floor and place them on your shoulder width. Kneel down or support your body with your toes. Place your right hand 3 or 5 inches towards the left hand. Then do the same with the left hand in order to perform inside pushups.

Diamond pushups target your triceps more.

1.Make sure your spine is straight and your hips are tucked. The torso should be set in parallel to the floor and your abs should be squeezed in order to stabilize your body.

2.Rotate the elbows and make sure they’re pointed to your feet. While bending your arms, lower down to the floor.

3.While pressing your arms straight, raise up again. Perform 20-40 pushups, take a 1 minute

4.Break and then continue with the second set.



1.Get in the position for regular pushups. But make sure your legs are straight and you support your body on your toes.

2.Place the fingers pointing outwards in a 45 degree angle.

3.Lower down and squeeze your biceps and then go up again. You should be exhaling when you go up.