Boost Your Triceps Strength With These 4 Exercises

The triceps are one of the most important body parts when it comes to sculpting the perfect physique. Along with the biceps, they create the bulk of the arms, and are vital for your press strength.

Usually, the weakest point of bench presses is a few inches off your chest and having strong triceps makes a big difference between making and braking the rep. So in this article we show you 3 exercises that improve your triceps strength, which of course creates a more efficient bench press.


Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

Even though it might seem that this exercise has lost its popularity, it’s still one of the best triceps building exercises you can find.

To perform it, lie down on the bench and grab the bar with a grip narrower than shoulder width. Make sure they are not side by side. Lift the bar up and then lower it down to your chest.

Your focus should be on your elbows, and they should be pointing straight ahead. This exercise also targets the delts and the chest which makes the perfect exercise for improving your regular bench press.


Floor press

Start by lying down on the floor with your knees slightly bent. It’s recommended you perform this exercise with a partner, but if you decide to do it by yourself you need to make sure you position yourself so that your head is parallel with the barbell.

Lock out your elbows and un–rack the bar. Lower it down to your chest with your forearms vertical. Slowly lower your elbows down so that they slightly touch the ground and then raise the bar up.

Like any other exercise, you need to perform the movement slowly and in a controlled manner on the negative portion, and then explode back up. The range of motion is shorter so your triceps are fully extended, you can increase the weight you’re using.


Board bench press

 This exercise is another amazing way to build your triceps. But note that the board bench press requires two partners: one to help you support the weight and the other to hold the boards.

Start by lying down on the bench and place some heavy wooden boards on your chest. Lower down the bar towards your chest until it touches the boards. The boards actually limit your downward movement. Raise the bar up in an explosive manner so that you go back to the original position.


Add more resistance with chains and bands

You can add even more resistance on the upward movement of the press using wrapped chains or rubber bands.

The chains should be hanging down from the bar, and the bands should be connected to the floor or the bench. This is a great way to add more resistance to the last part of the movement and gain more strength.