Body Types: Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph

Ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph are the types of bodies explained by Dr. Sheldon.

The endomorph is a typical person with excess weight. These are persons who have a problem with reducing body weight.

Mesomorph is the ideal type of physique, because with this body type is easy to increase or reduce weight. But it is often that a certain person is a combination of more body types.

The main reason why you need to know which body type you belong to is to have better insight into your body and thus to know what you should add or subtract to build lean muscle mass.


Weight is the last thing which this type need to worry about. It’s typical for this type to eat only when hungry, and that’s the first thing that those who want to gain weight need to change.

A diet with high-calorie foods with meals that will be taken at a precise amount of time in ample amounts is recommended for this type.

Exercises in the gym should be short in the beginning.

For Ectomorphs it is advisable to work with larger weights and to rest between the series. In the end, although the specimens of this body type are quite physically active, aerobic exercises are not recommended.



Endomorph is opposite to Ectomorph and should concentrate on melting fat deposits that would speed up the metabolism and thereby keep the body weight normal.

During the training, the endomorph should exercise with moderate weights but with small breaks between the sets. Endomorphs need to reduce the calorie intake by taking small portions of foods arranged in more meals throughout the day, eliminating any “junk food” from their daily menu.

They should practice aerobic exercises such as running, fast walking, cycling, swimming, etc.



The Mesomorph is a blessed type of body.

Those of this type have a naturally athletic construction and only need to maintain what they have.

In Exercising in the gym is recommended for this type from 3 to 4 days a week with moderate weights and normal breaks between the series. Mesomorphs mainly eat healthy foods.


No matter what type of body you belong to, if you adjust your diet and workout, you can accomplish any goal that you have set.