Best Proven Strategies For Reducing Excess Body Fat

Reducing excess weight and obtaining a strong and healthy body is a very complex process (every person who has followed an intensive training program and have practiced some training diet will agree).


To effectively reduce excess fat there are two basic ways without which you can’t achieve visible results and they’re regular exercise and proper training diet (some combination of training diet and intense exercise program is the surest way to visibly reduce excess weight).

In continuation of this article you will read some simple strategies that, if properly and regularly practiced will contribute to visibly reduce excess fat and get a strong and a healthy body.

Strategy No. 1 – Do not avoid weight training

Doing more cardio is the first thing that every person that exercises regularly does in order to reduce excess fat. Although cardio will enable easy and simple reduction of excess fat, its frequent practice will contribute to a significant reduction in the percentage of muscle mass (this is especially important if you do only cardio).

To reduce and prevent the loss of lean muscle mass you need to have regular and intense weight training that will not only reduce the loss of muscle mass, it will allow the construction of new muscle mass. The increase in lean muscle mass will certainly increase and accelerate the metabolism of the body that will contribute to a greater number of calories burned.


Strategy No. 2 – Increase your daily intake of protein

If your goal is to increase muscle mass and reduce excess fat at the same time, then eating more protein will be essential. Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for muscle growth and proper functioning of the body and is the foundation for building lean muscle mass.

It is recommended that everyone who exercises regularly has an  at least 1.5 grams of protein intake for every kilogram of body weight. In this article you can read which products contain more protein.


Strategy No. 3 – Everyone who exercises regularly has to consume 3.5-5 liters of water per day


Strategy No. 4 – Reduce your intake of carbohydrates

When receiving carbohydrates, our body responds in a way that releases a certain amount of the anabolic hormone insulin into the bloodstream, whose purpose is to control the intake of carbohydrates. That is, the more carbohydrates enter our body, the more our body produces insulin. One part of the carbohydrates is used as energy for the body during exercising,  while the other are stored as excess fat in our body.

Therefore all active practitioners aimed to reduce excess fat should have an intake of 1.2-1.4 grams of carbohydrate for every kilogram of body weight. The easiest, quickest and simplest way to reduce the intake of carbohydrates is to reduce the intake of sugar by avoiding sweet food and soft drinks that contain a greater amount of sugars and replacing them with drinking tea, coffee, water and fruit which contains a greater amount of fiber.

leg workout

Strategy No. 5 – Avoid trans fats and increase your intake of essential fatty acids


Strategy No. 6 – Practice a combination of weight training and cardio

As mentioned above, the excessive practice of intensive cardio training can contribute to a significant reduction in muscle mass, but the combination of cardio and weight training can provide excellent and fast results in reducing excess fat and maintain lean muscle mass. This program is great for burning more calories and gaining quality muscle mass and greater strength.

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