The Best Healthy Post-Workout Meals

You need nutritious and healthy meals all the time, but especially after your workout.

This is the time when your muscles are deprived of nutrients and need a “refill”. Healthy meals are the best way to establish quick recovery and maximum muscle growth. Eating healthy and in the proper way after exercise is the most important part of your road to success.

Eating the right amount of carbs and protein after your workout starts the muscle building process. Simply put, it increases the protein synthesis and the nitrogen retention.

The advice I’ve read a 100 times is to drink a whey protein and fast acting carbs shake. But the thing is, you can’t drink the same shakes all the time, or eat just rice, potatoes and chicken breasts.

In addition, your body needs varieties of different kinds of micro and macronutrients. So, in this article we show you 5 healthy, delicious recipes containing the right amount of carbs, protein and healthy fast.

Tuna & Whole Grain Crackers

All you need is a can of tuna and ½ a cup of crushed whole – grain crackers. Then you need to add 1 tablespoon of olive oil, some mustard and some pepper.

The best thing about this meal is that you can eat it right away or save it for later. It also doesn’t require a lot of time to prepare and it isn’t expensive.

Total calories: 378; carbs – 25g, fats- 14 g, protein – 42g


High protein oats

You need to mix ½ a cup of rolled oats. 1 or 2 scoops of whey protein, slivered almonds and ½ cup of fruit. After adding ½ a cup of milk or water you should let it sit overnight in the fridge.

This meal is perfect for those who exercise in the morning. The oats and the whey protein are a “must” in bodybuilding. But after a while, they can become boring, so adding almonds, fruit or natural sweeteners will make you feel like eating something new every day.

Total calories: 422; protein – 32g, carbs – 49g, fats – 12g


Chicken breast and sweet potato hash

Dice up an already cooked 8 oz. chicken breast, put it in a pan and add some olive oil. Then add ½ a cup of diced apples, ½ a cup of sweet potatoes.

You can add some salt and pepper or cinnamon for better taste. This meal, since it contains both chicken and potatoes, provide all the essential nutrients you need for maintaining high energy level and it tastes amazing.

Total calories:300; protein – 50g, carbs – 30g, fats – 6g


Not so classic scrambled eggs

You need to scramble four whole eggs with two egg whites. Then just mix them with 1 cup of mixed vegetables like spinach, mushrooms or onions. If you want to add even more protein, you can add ¼ a cup of lean ham or bacon.

Eating classing omelets often can become boring, which is the reason why people give up on high – protein meals and eat something else. But you can make omelets better and tastier by adding different ingredients every time you make them. Keep the egg yolks since they contain the needed omega – 3 fatty acids.

Total calories:510 calories; protein – 38g, carbs -30 g, fats – 24g


Beef and squash with marinara

This is a very delicious meal filled with the right nutrients for post-workout recovery. Cook 8 oz. of grass-fed lean beef and add some salt and pepper. Cook one butternut squash for 30 to 45 minutes until it becomes soft. Mix them in a pan when finished and add 4 oz. of your favorite marinara sauce.

If you training sessions are hard and intense and with a lot more volume, it’s very likely that you’ll be hungry like a wolf by the time you are finished. The creatine found in the meat will replenish your ATP reserves and the fat will satiate you and provide a ton of calories. The starch in the squash tends to digest slowly and will keep hunger at bay longer.

Total calories: 629, protein: 69g, carbs: 37g, fat: 17g


This tasty meal is full of essential nutrients for post – workout recovery. You need to cook 8 oz. of lean beef and add some salt and pepper. While the meat is cooking, you also need to cook 1 butternut squash until it becomes soft. Then, you mix them in a pan and add 4 oz. of marinara sauce.

If you are working with more intensity and higher volumes, it’s safe to assume you are very hungry after them. The creatine which the meat contains, replenishes the ATP stores and the fats will keep you satiated by providing a lot of calories. And the starch found in the squash is digested slowly which also keep you full for longer periods.

Total calories:629, protein – 69g, carbs – 37g, fat -17g