The Best, The Most Common And The Safest Exercises For The Chest!!!

Although the chest is one of the most practiced muscle groups, many of the active practitioners can’t build a robust and well defined chest muscles.

bench press for chest

This is primarily due to the excessive use of the same old exercises.

Therefore in this article you can see a ranking of the safest and the best exercises for this muscle group.

The ranking of the exercises is done by professional fitness and bodybuilding trainers as well as the experience of many of the best fitness and bodybuilding athletes.

This list of exercises won’t be an order of execution of exercises in your training program (because any exercise program should first have complex exercises followed by isolation exercises) but will be a ranking of the most effective exercises that have a high degree of activation of the chest muscle fibers and which have the proper targeting of the chest as a muscle group.

Number 10 – Decline Bench Press/Decline Dumbbell Flyes

The variants of Decline Bench Press and Decline Dumbbell Flyes one handed and two handed weights are on the 10th place.

These exercises are popular because many exercisers believe that they will contribute to defining the lower part of the chest, but if you look at the training programs of the past and current bodybuilding champions who have incredibly defined and massive chest muscles, these exercises don’t exist.

Number 9 – Dumbbell Pullover

This exercise was one of the most popular exercises for the chest in the golden era of bodybuilding since there were several popular theories about its effectiveness such as expansion of the chest to provide more surface area for added muscle in the chest and obtain fullness.

But today it is known that upper chest muscles are most important for getting massive appearance of the chest.

But still this exercise is a great choice for completing the workout for the chest as it allows a great stretch of the lower chest and vigorous movements on the front of the serratus muscle group.

Number 8 – Incline Dumbbell Flyes

This exercise is a very popular final movement among many of the active fitness and bodybuilding athletes because it targets the upper chest muscles which contributes to obtain more robust in the upper chest.

Number 7 – Upper Pec Cable Crossovers

This exercise is a movement that includes and targets the inner part of the upper chest muscles.

This exercise is a great final movement for all practitioners who have pain in the shoulder when performing the incline dumbbell flyes exercise because with the upper pec cable crossovers exercise there is no risk of injury.

Number 6 – Dumbbell Flyes on a flat bench

Number 5 – Cable Crossovers (middle chest area)

Number 4 – Dumbbell Bench/Incline press

The Dumbbell Bench/Incline press is a great exercise for the chest muscles because there is not much pressure on the triceps muscles, and the ability to properly balance the weight of the left and the right side of the chest that will allow proper muscle development.

This exercise is an excellent choice for all practitioners who lack control of the one-arm barbell.

Number 3 – Chest Machine Press /Smith Machine Bench Press

The high ranking of these exercises in relation to any of the previous exercises may be surprising for much of the active practitioners but they allow direct muscle loading on the chest and the freedom to control the speed of each repetition without having any pressure on the front shoulder.

These exercises are a great way to increase the strength and endurance of the two best exercises for the chest.

It is best that these exercises represent the final movement in your training program for the chest.


Number 2 – Barbell Bench Press

Yes, it sounds strange, but the most popular exercise for the chest which has its own special day (Monday is known as bench press day) does not represent the best and the safest exercise for the chest muscles.

When using too much weight, most active practitioners feel more pressure in the muscles of the triceps and anterior shoulder which is the biggest reason why this exercise is not on the first place in the safest and the best exercises for chest.

But still this exercise remains one of the best exercises to increase strength and endurance in your upper body.

Number 1 – Incline Barbell Press

This exercise is considered as the best and safest exercise for the full development of the chest.

It is recommended that this exercise along with the barbell bench press exercise is done at the beginning of the workout.

Finally it is important to note that for proper development of the chest muscles it is best to use a larger number of exercises to ensure proper and maximum muscle stimulation.

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