BCAA And Glutamine Supplements Prevent Overtraining And Reduce Cortisol !

All active, serious bodybuilders run on a thin line while exercising – you want to stimulate your body enough for growth, but do not want to train too hard so the body won’t be able to recover.

You need to keep the balance, move too much in any direction and you will not succeed.

Many bodybuilders eat a lot of protein, and they think that taking a few amino acids will not help.

After reading this article, you may want to rethink that premise.

Previous research has shown that exercising increases protein synthesis in the skeletal muscle, but also results in degradation of the protein.


Although the net effect is an increase of the protein synthesis, the skeletal muscles remain in overall catabolic state, in the absence of proper nutritional intervention.

Infusion of amino acids, with good training, by numerous studies have shown that increases protein synthesis and maintains the anabolic state.

A study published in the journal Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that taking glutamine and BCAA can reduce the catabolic state caused by intense training.

Men who trained intensively were divided into two groups, a group with a high intake of BCAA and a placebo group.

Subjects have consumed the supplements for three weeks before starting the fourth week of supplementation with simultaneous intensive training.

BCAAs supplements contain L-glutamine – 2000 mg; L-leucine 1.800 mg; L-isoleucine 750 mg and L-valine 750 mg.


The BCAAs group consumed 6 grams (12 capsules, which are the recommended dose of the manufacturer).

At the end of the study the conclusion was that if you don’t consume BCAA then you harm yourself!

Compared with the placebo group, the group consuming BCAA had decreased cortisol, elevated levels of testosterone and less muscle damage.

After reading Gwartney “Fat Attack” in the MD about the role of nutrition and cortisol, we have noted that a diet with fewer calories increases cortisol, so taking BCAA can reverse this catabolic state.

These findings suggest that short-term intake of amino acids that are high in BCAA, can produce a net anabolic hormonal profile, and mitigates damage to the muscles due to intense exercise training.


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