The Basic Rules For Building Muscle Mass.

Most of the people who are not physically active and part of the beginners with exercise usually begin exercising with the idea that only a few months of exercise and eating more protein will be enough to build a solid and defined body.

But getting a firm, defined body and improving physical fitness requires a long period of proper and regular exercise, regular rest and proper nutrition and supplementation.

In continuation of this article you will be given some basic rules associated with exercise which will speed up the process of getting a quality muscle mass and significantly increase endurance and physical fitness of your body.


Concentrate on doing regular squats and dead lifting

These two complex movements (a variant of these two exercises) should be on the training program of each beginner, but also to all those practitioners who are not satisfied with their progress in terms of increasing strength, endurance and muscle mass building.


These two complex movements are the best exercises for larger muscle mass and significantly increased strength because when performing them you activate 75% of the muscles in your body.

Avoiding these exercises is the most common cause of muscular imbalance among most practitioners (active practitioners who have a well-developed upper body but weak and nonexistent muscles of.

deadlift goals

When doing these exercises all the muscles of the legs are activated, the muscles of the torso (which includes abdominal muscles), muscle trapeze muscles of the back, shoulders and forearms.

The level of intensity when properly performing these two exercises is quite large and therefore our body is forced to produce greater amounts of growth hormone, which will results in increased muscle mass of the body.


Increase the number of compound exercises in terms of the number of isolation exercises in your regular training program

This rule should be a continuation and updating of the training program in which squats and dead lifting are already added.

By doing complex exercises you activate more than one muscle group and thus provide greater stimulation and activity of many muscle fibers as well as higher production of the growth hormone.


The following compound exercises are the best movements to increase muscle mass:

  • Pull ups exercises – Even the strongest and most experienced practitioners have a problem with doing a bigger number of repetitions of these exercises. The pull ups are an excellent choice to build strong muscles and large dorsal and massive biceps. So the fitness and bodybuilding industry advises that these exercises always take precedence over the lat pull down exercises.
  • Bench press exercises – bench-press exercises are the best movements to build a solid and massive chest muscles. There are a number of effective variants of these exercises including the following movements: bench-press with two-handed weights or handed dumbbells on a flat bench (flat barbell bench press and flat dumbbell bench press) and bench-press with two-handed weights or one-handed weights (incline bench barbell press and incline dumbbell bench press).


  • Overhead Press exercise – like bench-press exercises the overhead press movements have many effective options (which include muscle stimulation of the neck muscles, triceps, shoulder muscles and muscles of the back and chest). Almost all standing and seating variants of dumbbell and barbell overhead presses exercises are an excellent choice for developing the muscles of the upper body.
  • Rows movements – both variants of rows movements: barbell and dumbbell rows exercise are the ultimate choice for maximum muscle stimulation of the muscles of the upper back. It should also be mentioned that the t-bar row exercise and seated cable rows movement are excellent exercises for the muscles of the upper back.

bench press for chest

  • Dips exercises – These exercises represent effective complex movements and are a great choice for maximum muscle stimulation of the muscles of the upper body (it includes the muscles of the chest, triceps and shoulders). Each of these exercises allows adding extra weights for faster and a bigger muscle growth.

Carefully observe rest between each series and the number of repetitions in each series

Generally when it comes to rest between each series there are two main divisions: short breaks of 60 or 90 seconds between each series and longer intervals of 2-5 minutes between each series.

Each of these divisions have their own purpose.

When having a workout where increased strength is a priority you need to have a pause of 2-5 minutes between each series to allow enough time to rest the muscles and nervous system.

While short breaks of 90 seconds between each series are used when doing workouts to achieve muscle hypertrophy that will allow greater increase in muscle mass in terms of increased strength.

Also the number of repetitions in a series plays an important role in the quality of power in terms of building lean muscle mass:

  • To gain strength and explosive power as in Olympic weight lifting the number of repetitions needs to range from 1 to 5 using larger weights, but this kind of exercise is recommended only for experienced and professional weightlifters.
  • The functional hypertrophy is aimed at building effective and quality muscle directly converted into energy and strength for a sport or a movement. Almost always this means you get a substantial increase in strength in terms of getting muscle mass. If this is your goal then you need to do 6-8 reps in the series using more weight.
  • Hypertrophy which is designed to enable a significant increase in lean body mass compared with the increase in strength is the most popular way of training among active practitioners. This kind of exercise involves a greater number of repetitions which is 9-15 (this difference between the minimum and maximum number of repetitions is because of the different individual needs of all practitioners to provide proper muscle growth).
  • When doing 16-25 repetitions in series with lighter weights you are getting a metabolic effect that is suitable for burning excess fat.

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